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Mehrzeller RV Concept Turns a Travel Trailer Into A Cut Gemstone

Interior design and architectural companies love to come up with new RV designs. It almost seems like a right of passage for many. This design by NONSTANDARD, a design firm out of Austria, created this awkwardly shaped RV they call “Mehrzeller”.

Mehrzeller custom camper

What do you notice first on the Mehrzeller? Is it the striking geometry of the exterior or the fact that it wastes a significant amount of space to afford the gemstone cut look? Either way the designers certainly pushed the limits with this design. The interior is done with the same modern look of the exterior.

Mehrzeller trailer

What makes the Mehrzeller most appealing is the designers intend on using a configurator online. This would enable the RV buyer to choose their own layout, colors, and finishes. This is perhaps the most intriguing part of this concept. Who is ready to see some weird jagged-edged pink RV’s at the campground?

Inside of caravan
Lots of light in the trailer
Interior layout of the Mehrzeller
Mehrzeller  concept caravan

See how a computer designed the interior of this geometric camper.

Original video by geobeats

Photos courtesy of NONSTANDARD

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