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See Inside This Couple’s Converted LDV Convoy Van

Ben and Lucy from “From Rust To Road Trip” converted an LDV Convoy Van to visit every country in Europe.  They had no experience in building, but with some research and planning using a computer design program to figure out the layout, the couple was able to remove the van’s 18 seats and rebuild the interior into a cozy, Bohemian-style home on wheels.

Their LDV Convoy Mini Bus.  All photos via The Indie Projects, Youtube

Their gorgeous kitchen was built with reclaimed wood pallets and driftwood from local beaches.   They added a sink from an old caravan, and a cooler that easily slides in and out of a cabinet.  The kitchen also has a spice rack with a rope from the beach, plants, and a wooden countertop they charred for a unique darkened look.

Ben works as a chef, so it was important to have a comfortable cooking space.

Across from the kitchen, they added a renovated ottoman to store items and provide extra seating in the van.  They placed wood pallets around it, and covered the top with an old coffee sack filled with cushion stuffing.

The interior is accented with a hanging lantern and vintage-style lights that Lucy made from light bulb-shaped drink holders and thin-wired fairy lighting.  They hung up a curtain between the bed and kitchen, and another curtain over the back.  The curtain in the back is lined with black-out thermal lining to block out sunlight, provide insulation in the winter, and keep heat out during the summer.

Their bed/lounging area.

The couple chose a fixed bed instead of a fold-out bed so they could have more room underneath for their batteries, inverter, and tanks.  Lucy also created an ingenious over-the-bed tray made out of scrap wood for a more comfortable work space.

Every bit of space in the van was utilized, including the walls.  They mounted a showerhead (that can be removed to shower outside), a fold-out mirror, and a couple of hammocks to hold their clothes.

Ben and Lucy give the full tour in this video from The Indie Projects:

They have visited 20 countries so far, and share photos and videos on their blog, From Rust To Road Trip.  You can also read more about the step-by-step details on how they converted their van here.

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