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Mobile Internet Handbook a Good Investment?

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

You’ll probably remember Cherie and Chris from DoItYourselfRV’s roundup article about full-time RVing.

Besides being well-rounded and seasoned RVers, Cherie and Chris have a passion for teaching fellow travelers about the sometimes-confusing and always-changing field of mobile Internet access.

They’ve written a new book called The Mobile Internet Handbook.

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Natural Born Teachers

Many people like dabbling in certain hobbies and some even go so far as to share their new-found ‘wisdom’ with others.

The problem though, is that there’s a big difference between a hobbyist – and a professional.

Cherie and Chris are professional programmers, web developers, and Internet connectivity experts. 

If you read their travelogues, it’s easy to tell that Cherie and Chris have a passion for what they do.

And one of those passions is staying current on ever-changing Internet technology.

Staying Current is Tough

One of the most frustrating parts of modern RVing is staying current with technology, especially mobile Internet access.

While mobile internet handbookreading The Mobile Internet Handbook, I learned that Microsoft doesn’t support the Windows XP operating system anymore.

Any one running Windows XP could be the target of hackers who prey on people who don’t stay up to date with technology.

If you didn’t know that, how can you be confident buying tools that directly link your most personal files and records to the World?

Cherie and Chris discuss many ways to secure your files against the growing number of people who want to steal your digital information.

Can You Afford Not to Get It?

You can buy the book right now for less than $10.

Most of the gadgets you need to connect to the internet are pretty darn expensive, into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

How would you feel if you could have bought this guide but passed, only to purchase exactly what you didn’t need soon after?

I just don’t think it’s worth missing the boat.

I’ve struggled with figuring out similar technology through building remote control drones.

My background is in electrical engineering and physics, and it took me over a year to learn enough about analog video transmission and radio control to build and fly a first-person-view airplane.

I wish there had been a comprehensive resource on those topics when I started learning.

Desire to Over Deliver

mobile internet aficionadosCherie and Chris used an Indiegogo campaign to fund the development of the Mobile Internet Handbook. It blew away records, and ended up 300% overfunded.

That means a lot of people wanted them to write this book.

But Cherie and Chris went further.

They didn’t stop with just a book, but also created a premium membership community designed to help you stay current on the latest mobile Internet developments.

This community is called the Mobile Internet Aficionados, and you can be part of this exclusive club here.

Here’s how Cherie and Chris describe their new service,

We focus on unbiased information about what really works for keeping connected while being mobile.  From cellular, WiFi, satellite and signal enhancing – we research the options, share our personal & professional experience and analyze industry news, so you can focus on what drives you.

If You Want to Full-Time Then…

If you’re not a techie by nature, you might not pay attention to things like how much cellular data you use on a monthly basis or how fast your current household Internet connection is.

It’s a little like your water, electric, and gas bill if you own a house. If you’re like most people you sort of know when it’s high, but don’t pay a lot of attention to the actual numbers. How many kilowatt hours or gallons used and so on.

You just grimace and pay the bill 🙂

But if you’re planning on hitting the road and want to stay connected to the Internet, you’ll need to get up to speed on a lot of complex systems.

This book will help you.

Chances are you’re not an expert.

It’s not worth your time to try to piece together all this information.

Stop wasting your energy, and let Cherie and Chris save you time and money.

If you want to:

  • relax more quickly when you park
  • feel confident about the security of your digital data
  • stop wasting money on average equipment

then the Mobile Internet Handbook might be for you.

2 thoughts on “Mobile Internet Handbook a Good Investment?”

  1. Thanks RVgeeks, I learned a lot too. Textbooks in school turned me off, but Cherie and Chris made a tough topic interesting and easy to understand. It’s great learning from people who are living their knowledge.

  2. What a great write up about Chris & Cherie! We have so much respect for their knowledge, and we really appreciate how thoroughly and eagerly they share it. Eric, you really hit the nail on the head when describing them: “professionals” all the way. We already got our copy of the new book, and can’t believe how much we didn’t know!

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