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Mobile Shelf Space with a DIY RV Hanging Pantry

Need to squeeze a little more easily-accessible storage inside your RV? This may be your low cost solution. This is a great idea that is popular among pop-up campers. It is a removable and customizable RV hanging pantry that you can use for almost anything. Sure you can buy flimsy store bought version, but you also could get serious and build it to your liking.

DIY RV Hanging Pantry

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This design attaches to 4 carefully placed hooks placed anywhere you can find. Most notably in front of windows, under the overhead entertainment center, or over the entrance way. The design calls for the use of wire shelving much like the material used for many closets. The wire shelving hangs from small chain link connected from the hooks to the shelf. From there you can add baskets, additional shelving, paper towel holder, and virtually anything else you can think up.


Perhaps the best part of this RV hanging pantry idea is that it can be taken down and flattened with a moments notice. This alone is enough of a reason to consider it. You could simply have it stored until the need arose for extra space. Folks with pop-up campers use this kind of idea to store hotdog buns, bagels, salt, pepper, headache pills, linens, plates, cups, etc. Oh, and marshmallows, never forget the marshmallows.

Most people find that it only takes about $30 or so to make your very own RV hanging pantry. You could always buy one at your RV dealer, but where is the fun in that? A RV hanging pantry is getting made for our RV this winter, how about you?

If you have seen other designs or can think of interesting ways to use a contraption like this please share with us in the comments section below.

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