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Mom And Four Daughters Get Stuck In Sand Towing Toy Hauler By Lake

When these four daughters took their mom to the lake, they were looking forward to some stress-free bonding time. Instead, their Ford Excursion tow vehicle quickly sunk into the sand once they neared their campsite. The 4×4 system on the Excursion had broken, and the women had to call Hill Auto Body and Towing in Ocean Park, WA to get the truck and trailer free.

The tow truck operator dug out the right rear wheel (the one that was stuck) to help the truck climb out. He had to be careful though, as other RVs were right next to this rig.


I wonder if the women would have been able to free the Excursion had the 4×4 system worked? This could have easily turned into the worst camping trip ever. Thankfully, the Excursion had no damage and now the daughters and their mom can laugh about the whole experience!

Original video by Hill Auto Body & Towing

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