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Couple Retrofits 36 Year Old Motorhome To Brave An Alberta, Canada Winter

Alex and Marta seek adventure wherever they go. For the last several months, they’ve made their home in a 36-year-old Country Cruiser motorhome named Wayne. Their objective? Brave the Canadian winter without turning into a popsicle (or freezing to death).

My partner and I are living in a RV in Canmore for the duration of the big freeze, this is personal project and challenge that we are loving so far. Through out the adventure we are making short videos documenting how we do it and the beautiful area in which we find [ourselves.]

Alex is a landscape photographer and both he and Marta share a passion for bouldering and mountain climbing.

You can check out a couple of their videos below, and be sure to subscribe to their channel to follow their journey as the temps climb this summer in Canada.

Get to know Alex and Marta a little bit better and learn more about their mission.

Orignal video by Wanderlust Vanlife

Experience a day in the life of a couple spending a Canadian winter in an aging (but cozy) RV.

Orignal video by Wanderlust Vanlife

I’m not rock-climber myself, but they both make it look so easy. Watch more of their videos by subscribing to their YouTube channel.

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