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Motorhome Conversion from Greyhound Bus to Luxury Motorcoach

The bucket list of a RV’er commonly includes “I would love to do a motorhome conversion some day”. Frankly, we just talked about it over the weekend while seeing a old Prevost bus get auctioned off on television. We discussed how great it would be to get that old bus and convert it into something custom built anyway we wanted. So in this case its good to see that these types of dreams are acted upon as we show you this 1988 Eagle Model 15 Motorcoach which is one incredible motorhome conversion. This motorcoach was once a commuter transit vehicle for the Houston area, a greyhound bus, and a charter bus before falling into the hands of its current owners which led to the total remodel in this motorhome conversion named the “SunChaser”.

Motorhome Conversion from Greyhound Bus to Luxury Motorcoach Photos


The owners of this motorcoach had had a dream of completing a motorhome conversion since before they were married. Life got in the way and years passed before it was an option. In 2004 they started chasing that dream. What happened next was 6 years of demolition, retrofitting, welding, sanding, building, and painting. Most of the work was completed by family, friends, and neighbors who all collaborated to make this one of the most interesting motorhome conversions in recent memory. The only items in this motorcoach that were not completed by this group was the painting and the marble countertops. EVERYTING else was completed through the network of family and friends.


Slideshow Video of the Motorhome Conversion


The estimated cost even with all the volunteer efforts of their family and friends was north of $100,000. When you start to sort through the photos above you will notice the incredible countertops, cherry wood finishes, luxury shower, among countless other design improvements. A telling quote from the lady behind this RV in response to the cost,  “It would have been cheaper to buy a regular RV. … However, then you have a cheap RV”. We couldn’t agree more and find this to be an unbelievable undertaking of which it took 6 years of persistence to complete.

If you are curious to see more information, you can see much much more information and images here.

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