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Quick Tip For Adding A Cot To Your Class A Motorhome

Class A motorhomes (sometimes called diesel pushers) are some of the largest RVs on the road. Often they’re modified into tour buses or mobile homes for celebrities or campaigning politicians. Finding enough sleeping room on board usually isn’t a problem.

One DoItYourselfRV reader, Jeff Johnson, wanted to share his tip for adding an extra bed to a Class A motorhome. He said,

It’s a $50 solution. Coleman ComfortSmart™ Cot Model No.2000009891 with Unfolded Dimensions: 69 in. x 25 in. x 15 in. You need a short cot to fit between the seats. 69″ length works great. Longer cots won’t fit in between the seats when turned opposing each other.

Adding a cot to a Class A motorhome

You have to wonder why Class A motorhome manufacturers don’t include something like this as an option on new models. It’s nice to know that for just $50 you can have an extra lounge area or makeshift bed at the ready.

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