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Motorhome Renovation of a Georgie Boy Pursuit Class A

Motorhome Renovation Georgie Boy PursuitIt isn’t every day that we come across a motorhome renovation in which the owner thoroughly documents what was done.

In this case, we get a series of 13 videos cataloging the journey from the original “before” Georgie Boy Pursuit Class A Motorhome to the “after” with a seemingly total transformation of the interior. The exterior was not as heavily modified, but it still received some subtle upgrades.

It took just over a year to complete this Georgie Boy Pursuit motorhome renovation.

The interior is unrecognizable after many of the interior walls were removed, and the flooring, sub-floor, cabinetry, plumbing, kitchen and lots of other things received a major upgrade.

As I mentioned above, there’s a series of 13 videos regarding this particular motorhome renovation. If your’re considering starting a project like this yourself, we highly encourage you to watch all the videos in the series. It gives a fantastic impression of what to expect and how to handle many of the common hiccups during motorhome renovations.


Aside from the typical remodeling items, this video series also showcases the methods and products to use in order to make certain repairs and updates while performing your own motorhome renovation.

Overall, this is an eye-opening video series that shows the “nitty-gritty” reality of renovating a motorhome.

You’ll also get a taste of the pure satisfaction that comes with seeing such a dramatic transformation! It’s one of the most well documented examples of a motorhome renovation that currently exists today.

For those not interested in reviewing the full series, we’ve posted the first “before” video along with its “after” counterpart below.

Motorhome Renovation of a Georgie Boy Pursuit Class A “Before”


Motorhome Renovation of a Georgie Boy Pursuit Class A “After”


To see the full series of RV Renovation videos visit RVliving7’s Youtube Channel

If you are thinking about a motorhome renovation please let us know about it in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Motorhome Renovation of a Georgie Boy Pursuit Class A”

  1. I am renovating a class A Mallard 1990 and was wondering on the floors.
    After you pulled up the carpets did you put down new plywood and then flooring over that?
    Did you insulate under the wood floor or did your insulate in cargo compartment only?
    Looks great I hope my RV looks as nice when done.

  2. This turned out great!!!! We are starting the inside renovations on our 1996 Coachmen Santara diesel this week. You gave me some great ideas. I am still on the “iffy” side as to whether I should paint our cabinets white, but looking at yours it turned out very nice. I am planning on painting the walls in the “living room” area a light steel grey with white beadboard on the bottom part under the windows. But I might even go as far as putting up bead board in the hall and bedroom. Thanks for the ideas!!!

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