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California RVers: 3 New National Monuments Expand Recreation Options

Castle Mountains National Monument

Where Is It?

Between Interstates 15 and 40, about 100 miles south of Las Vegas. The new 21,000-acre monument fills a gap in the existing Mojave National Preserve.

Why Is It Protected?

The Castle Mountains area is teaming with diverse plant and animal life unmatched almost anywhere else in the California desert, thanks to its high elevation and monsoonal summer rains. Here you’ll find jagged peaks rising above twisted Joshua trees and rare native desert grasslands.

Golden eagles, Swainson’s hawks, and prairie falcons soar above the area’s rocky peaks, while mountain lions, bighorn sheep, bobcats, coyotes, jack rabbits, and a variety of mice make their homes on the steep slopes.

New National Monuments

In addition to a diverse landscape, the Castle Mountains are also home to the historic gold mining ghost town of Hart, and vast Native American archaeological sites. Protection ensures that these sites, along with water resources, plants, and wildlife continue to thrive.

How You Can Enjoy It

This remote area is only accessible by dirt roads, often requiring a high clearance, 4×4 vehicle. A perfect area for backpacking and hiking, you won’t find any established trails or campgrounds, but dispersed camping is allowed provided you follow a few common sense guidelines.

The next door Mojave National Preserve also has three established campgrounds for your enjoyment.

New National Monuments Lamfrom

New National Monuments Protect Our Public Lands For The Future

The goal of these three new national monuments is to preserve the land, resources, wildlife, and historical artifacts found in these special places.

California’s desert is a popular landscape that attracts millions of visitors each year for hiking, photography, 4×4 touring, rock climbing, camping, wildlife watching, and astronomy.

Monument status will ensure that future generations get to enjoy these same activities into the future.

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