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Smaller Package, Easier Installation: Install A Softstart AC Unit For Your RV

both sizes of the softstartRV branded softstart ac soft starters are shown.

If You’ve Been Waiting For A Smaller Softstart AC Device, It’s Here

In the world of RV add-ons, bigger is not always better, especially when that add-on needs to squeeze into your air conditioner. Long known as an industry leader in RV softstart AC products, Network RV continues to improve its SoftStartRV device. Just in time for the upcoming RV season, SoftStartRV has come out with a smaller unit that significantly cuts the footprint of their original product.

Their latest softstart AC device is not just smaller—it also has the industry’s easiest installation process.  Additionally, they’ve added in a military discount to help veterans and active duty military personnel save a little more money. For those of you who were a little scared of buying a softstart AC unit because of size or installation challenges, it’s time to take another look at SoftStartRV.

How does a Softstart AC device work?

A softstart AC unit is a device that reduces the startup demand of an air conditioner. RV air conditioners store up energy in the capacitor, and when you turn the unit on, it combines that stored energy with the inrush of power.  That combination of power is what quickly starts the air conditioner and what causes the loud thump you hear and vibrations you feel when the compressor kicks on. It’s also what trips breakers because the demand is too great for the power source you’re using. 

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A soft starter changes all of that by reducing the power needed to start the air conditioner and its compressor. Instead of one quick flash of energy, it limits the voltage and smooths out the startup.  The result is a huge decrease in the power surge needed to start the unit, less noise, and fewer vibrations.  And in the case of SoftStartRV, that decrease can be up to 70%!  The result, and the biggest benefit to having a softstart AC device, is the ability to run your air conditioners under conditions you couldn’t before. 

electrical starting behavior is diagrammed in this electrical chart.

Run more on less with a Softstart AC device

Having a SoftStartRV product on each RV air conditioner means you can run two of them on 30-amps or a large generator.  It gives you the ability to run one air conditioner off of a small 2,000-watt generator.  SoftStartRV can even give you the capability to run your air conditioner off of batteries with the right setup and inverter. The flexibility that a softstart AC device gives you changes how you plan your RV adventures by allowing you to go places you never imagined, and you’ll have the ability to run your air conditioner(s) when you get there. 

SoftStartRV has always been a game changer, allowing people to RV in environments and situations they couldn’t before.  And while the capabilities have always been fantastic, the size of the unit has turned some potential buyers away.  Product size has been a problem that’s plagued the entire softstart AC market, but one that SoftStartRV has remedied.

All the functionality in a smaller package

Network RV has introduced their smaller SoftStartRV product, now the smallest on the market.  They didn’t just trim it down a little bit; they cut nearly 21 cubic inches in volume, going from 71.33in3 down to 40.72in3.  When you’re talking about wedging a box into an already small cramped space, that is a HUGE change.  Their efforts virtually eliminated one of the biggest challenges to installing a soft starter on your air conditioner.  But going smaller wasn’t enough—they also wanted to make it easier.

The team at NetworkRV has continued to focus on product improvement while maintaining the quality and support that thousands of RVers have come to trust.  They’ve engineered the smallest soft starter on the market and developed the easiest installation process.

Easy Softstart AC Installation

Many people have walked away from purchasing a soft starter for their RV because they’re afraid of the installation process.  Dealing with anything electrical can be scary, especially when you’re 10-12 feet up on the roof of your RV.  To make that process easier, SoftStartRV has always offered installation schematics and fantastic customer support. 

If they don’t have instructions for your specific RV and air conditioner, they’ll make them.  All it takes is submitting a picture of the electrical diagram on your air conditioner and information on your RV via a support ticket on their website.  Once they have that, they’ll create a color diagram with step-by-step instructions. 

Still not comfortable with the process? Then you can schedule rooftop installation support.  Set up a date and time with the support team and one of their very patient members will walk you through the installation, step-by-step, over the phone. 

No cut, no splice installation

Understanding that people may be concerned about the steps involved with installing a softstart AC device on an air conditioner, SoftStartRV developed the industry’s ONLY “6-step, no-cut/no splice” installation process.  That’s right—you can install a device without making any cuts or splicing any wires! 

When you order your SoftStartRV, you’ll receive the unit, instructions, and an installation kit with all the parts you’ll need to complete the installation.  You’ll still need tools and electrical tape, but the connectors and pieces are provided by SoftStartRV.  You can download your unit-specific instructions from their website and follow along.  Installation can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.  If you’re looking for more detailed instructions or a basic walkthrough, Hinton the Trail has a very thorough installation video available HERE.

Where to get a SoftStartRV

The biggest sale price the company has offered is currently ongoing and you can save $30 per unit by using this link

Military Discount

If you’re an active duty military member or veteran, SoftStartRV is offering an additional 10%—just use this link.  Verification of service may be required. These savings may not last, and with the RV season just about to get started, this is the perfect time to buy.  A SoftStartRV will change how you plan your adventures because it will give you the freedom to RV that you never had before.  

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