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Now You Can Learn How to Downsize Like a Pro – Comet Camper Downsizing E-Course

When I first decided almost 6 years ago that I would be transitioning into the full-time vintage trailer lifestyle, I thought I’d end up in a 30’+ Airstream, Airfloat, or Spartan.

Those silver bullets signified “vintage trailers” to me at the time, and I figured I would have plenty of room in my 35 foot trailer for all of my stuff.

Mariah Coz at home in her COMET Camper

Well things changed when a 14 foot long 1969 Avalon (not the most popular trailer and certainly not one with as much cachet) was offered to me for free.

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A friend of mine knew I was looking for a vintage trailer home, and offered to deliver it to my house for free. I couldn’t really beat free, so my plans changed.

My Delightful Downsizing

Suddenly, I had to downsize my stuff to fit into a trailer less than half the size I thought it would be.

And I had a LOT of stuff at the time.

I really hate to admit this now because I feel so embarrassed, but I was definitely a hoarder.

I’m not exaggerating, it was out of control.

Tiny Transition E-Course Sidebar Banner-1Even at such a young age, I had mountain-sized piles of clothes, crap, and clutter.

Friends would visit me and I’d be embarrassed to show them my room(s), because I hated how messy everything was.

I was being suffocated.

I knew I needed a change, but I was too overwhelmed to do anything about it.

You might have noticed that I said “room(s)”.

Before I downsized my stuff and moved into a vintage trailer less than 15 feet long, I had 3 bedrooms.

One for clothes, one for other crap, and one for sleeping.

I had forced my parents out of their own rooms and into 1st floor rooms, for some reason they allowed me to continue my acquisition addiction.

It was seriously messed up!

It took me almost 4 years to realize that while I had a ton of stuff, I had essentially been living out of a duffle bag in my car for the past few years.

And I realized, after a lot of hard thought and reflection on what I wanted my life to look and feel like, that I had been fine living out of a backpack, moving quite often, traveling, and being agile.

After years of having multiple apartments, moving almost every four months, and getting fed up with communal living and paying too much rent, I decided that not only was a vintage trailer (or any mobile home really) my ideal home, but that it HAD TO HAPPEN.


How I Changed My Life – and How You Can Too

While I renovated my new home, the COMET (Cost-Efficient, Off-grid, Mobile Eco-Trailer), I worked on downsizing my entire life.

I broke up with my boyfriend at the time, and started the process of getting rid of 50% of my crap that was weighing me down. I put 90% of the remaining stuff into storage boxes.

mariahcometcamper1I lived out of one box of stuff and one duffle bag of clothes for the year.

When I re-opened those boxes which had been in storage for a year, I was more than ready to purge 90%.

I was actually EXCITED to ditch the crap.

I was chomping at the bit, ready to simplify my life for good, and go full-time vintage trailer lifestyle.

Downsizing my life, which included letting go of years and years of crap and clutter, as well as shedding all of the unhealthy relationships, commitments, and other invisible demons, was the best thing that ever happened to me. I thought I was going to miss my “stuff”. I don’t. Not one bit.

Getting rid everything but my most loved, precious, and beautiful/useful things has given me the time and mental space to focus on what I love.

Things like writing, traveling extensively, and making music and art. It sounds so pie in the sky, but when I eliminated the crap from my life, I suddenly had so much time AND MONEY to spend only on things I loved.

Why I Started the Comet Camper Downsizing E-Course

Feeling light and free is now the only currency I believe in, and I think many of you in the full-time RV lifestyle (or those just in the dreaming stages) know what I’m talking about. Life isn’t about what you’ve got, but the experiences that you gather and memories you create.

I created the Tiny Transition and Downsizing E-Course to help others go through the transformation I went through when I downsized my life into less than 100 sq. ft.

Of course, not everyone in the course wants to live in a tiny home or trailer. Many just want some sanity back in their lives!

About half of the students are preparing to downsize into the RV or travel trailer lifestyle, and others are beginning to take the first steps to transition into the tiny house lifestyle.


You really can start living a lifestyle of freedom and simplicity right now, whether you are close to buying your trailer, RV or tiny home – or not.

Getting rid of all that stuff you don’t need is the very first step.

Registration is now open for the next session of the Comet Camper Tiny Transition and Downsizing E-Course. I hope you will join us – myself and the other classmates – in changing your life.

If you’re wondering what past and present students have gotten out of taking the course, I’ll let them explain:

Read What Others Have to Say

This class has single-handedly changed my thinking and life. The email course is rocking my world with the “how” to do this, the access to the associated Google group is invaluable. You could lurk and never post with this group and it’ll change your thinking and life. Even if you just want to tread more softly on this beautiful jewel of a planet we live on, you will benefit from this course.

I’ve found my true fun self since I’ve been taking this course. My stuff was burying my life, and I had no idea that I’d done that to myself. The e-course, the readings, and the Google Group together make for a powerful inspiration to keep going.

The class is already paid for itself in less stress, less stuff, and heck, I’ve even lost weight! All because I’m realizing that I just don’t NEED a lot of things. While we may or may not move into an actual Tiny House, our house of 1,100 square feet is starting to look huge. We have SO MUCH SPACE NOW! I’m looking forward to a smaller house (and a smaller or NONEXISTENT mortgage soon). – Andrea

This class is changing my entire life. For the good, too. So glad I made the decision to spend the money to take this course! – Becky R.

I signed up for the e-course and was a bit nervous! The first batch of course matter was worth the price of the entire course!! It is so info packed and I totally dig the self exploration it sparked! Thank you Thank you Thank you! – Christine

I not only downsized to a 17ft travel trailer but moved to Utah to start a new life! – Michelle

Love. Love. Love this! Absolutely Brilliant. – Janis

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How You Can Sign Up Now for the Comet Camper E-Course

The course contains 8 weeks of proven downsizing secrets, plus you get access to a private forum just for class members. The private forum allows you to connect with and motivate your classmates.

You’ll create many lasting friendships in the community.

You can find all the details about the course and register here.

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