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If You Have These 10 Personality Traits, You’re Meant To Be A Full-Time RVer

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

Not everyone can pack up their things into an RV and hit the road full time. It takes a special type of person: someone who appreciates the journey more than the destination, stays tidy in a small space, and keeps their cool when things go wrong.

If you can relate to these personality traits, the full-time lifestyle may just be right for you.

1. Adventurous

personality traits
Camping near Mount Belmont, Montana. Photo by Mark Holloway on Flickr

If you’re adventurous, you don’t only love going to places you’ve never been but also trying things you’ve never done. This could mean taking road trips to new destinations, kayaking in a river for the first time, or trying new foods & restaurants in the area you’re staying.

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2. Adaptable

personality traits
Havasu Balloon Fest, Arizona. Photo by Eduardo Nunez on Flickr

Being able to adapt to new places is key to living in a home-on-wheels. Unless you’re staying at a site long-term, your environment is constantly changing. You’ll be at new RV parks and campgrounds all the time in different cities and states.

Sometimes plans change and need to be re-routed. If you can easily go with the flow, RVing is your kind of lifestyle.

3. Independent

personality traits
Between Oatman and Parker, Arizona. Photo by IrishFireside on Flickr

Living in a home-on-wheels full time requires being independent. You’re on your own schedule and can go wherever you’d like whenever you want. You’re self-reliant, make your own decisions, and don’t usually need help from anyone else.

4. Resourceful

personality traits

Resourceful people are DIY masters. They’re able to handle difficult situations (like when something in the RV inevitably breaks) and come up with creative new solutions.

5. Self-sufficient

personality traits
Boondocking on BLM land in Arizona. Photo by RV Chickadee

Self-sufficient campers can take care of their own basic needs without help from others. Boondocking in the wild without hookups? No problem. You can supply your own power with solar panels, cook up your own food, and filter your own drinking water.

6. Patient

personality traits
This RVer needed patience as bison were crossing. Photo via Doug Letterman on Flickr

For those days when you take the wrong exit, your fridge breaks again, or your camping neighbors are too loud, patience is going to be needed more than ever. RVing full time comes with its own set of challenges, and just like back at home, having patience to deal with them as they come along makes life that much easier.

7. Organized

personality traits
Photo by

Keeping things clean and organized is crucial in the small space of an RV. Dishes need to be done at least once a day, and storage solutions can take away clutter anxiety.

8. Dedicated

personality traits
Making dinner in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. Photo by Adventure Jay

Some days on the road are easy. Others not so much. RVing comes with its ups and downs, adventures, and challenges. It takes time, energy, money, and effort to maintain your home-on-wheels. Dedicated people will stick to the lifestyle despite things like flat tires because they know there are much greater things ahead.

9. Open-minded

personality traits
On the road in Nevada. Photo by Chris Leishman on Flickr

Keeping an open mind is important on the open road. If you’re willing to hear and consider new ideas, and try different ways of doing things, you could end up finding a new favorite or method that saves you a ton of money or space.

10. Frugal


Living frugally means to live a simple life. You’re smart with your money (very different than just being plain cheap) and you’re not wasteful. You’re all for shopping at thrift stores and getting a discount on campgrounds, because why spend the extra money?

These are just ten of the many personality traits we think are important for full-timing. Do you agree/disagree? How many can you relate to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Facebook.

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