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Portable RV Fresh Water Tank Lets You Dry Camp Longer

RV fresh water storage capacity is a limiting factor for many of us who love dry camping in the outback.

It’s such a pain to leave your dream spot because you ran out of water!

But with a little creativity, you can extend your dry camping time by adding a portable RV fresh water storage tank to your setup. And no, I don’t mean like this:

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portable RV fresh water

Whenever we head to the outback, we boost our RV fresh water storage capacity by filling extra collapsible jugs of water.

Years ago we would transfer the water into our RV fresh water tank by using a funnel and short PVC hose.

Unfortunately with that method water always spilled everywhere. Plus, I never had the arm strength to lift the jugs above shoulder height for an easy pour.

First, use your RV water pump to transfer water

Later we created this easy RV fresh water storage mod to move the water with our existing water pump and collapsible water jugs.

That easy and cheap solution can work whether you access your pump from the outside or inside of your RV. Just place the jugs where it’s convenient to use your pump or buy a really long clear PVC hose.

The only problem with this RV fresh water storage mod? Collapsible jugs eventually spring leaks.

You can patch small holes with the RVer’s best friend, Eternabond. Unfortunately an Eternabond patch is sticky and eventually you’ll need to crack open your wallet and buy a replacement jug.

These water jugs don’t last forever.

portable RV fresh water

Throughout the years we’ve gone through about two collapsible jugs a year. At about $10 each, that’s $180 in our nine year full-time RVing adventure!

After buying two more collapsible water jugs last week, I’ve vowed that we won’t buy any more ever again. Why? Because for that $180 we could have just bought one of these:

These portable RV fresh water tanks are better.

Preppers with survival kits are just one of the many types of people who are fond of these handy portable RV fresh water tanks. Now the tanks are making their way into the RVing community.

Tanks like this one made by AquaTank come in models ranging from 30 gallons on up, and the same company even builds custom tanks for RVers. Their portable tanks beat the usual plastic jugs in many ways:

  • Made with FDA-approved, food-grade heavy duty polyurethane coated nylon
  • Highly puncture resistant, durable and flexible.
  • Can be folded or rolled up to take up almost no storage space.

A water tank that folds up small and lasts forever.

Photo by JP Beck

You can still transfer water from these exterior tanks into your on-board tank by using your existing fresh water pump.

Just follow the directions for this simple RV fresh water storage mod. Of course use a long PVC tube to go between your tank and the bed of your pickup truck. Remember that water will move faster if the exterior tank is higher than your RV’s fresh water tank.

If you have a smaller truck or auxiliary vehicle, this Australian-made portable RV fresh water tank can fit behind the car seats.

With just nine gallons capacity, this portable tank is smaller but more convenient than two collapsible, short-lived water jugs.

If you’re wondering where you’ll put all the extra grey waste water while you’re dry camping, don’t worry. Just keep a Blue Boy on hand and you can transport it to your nearest dump station.

Now just take your waste water somewhere.

portable RV fresh water

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