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Keep Valuables Protected On Your Next Trip With These Portable Safes

These days, we have a lot more valuable things to keep track of. Smartphones, music players, tablets, keys, wallets, headphones…

Sometimes (depending on where you are), you can just trust to leave your things unattended and they’ll be there when you get back. Other times, you’re only gone for a couple of seconds, but even in just that short amount of time someone sees your stuff with nobody around and steals it. And in certain cases, the items they took are just completely irreplaceable.

Locking your valuables up is usually the best way to make sure everything stays safe.

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But, you may not always have a locker or good place to put your things, especially if you’re out camping or at the beach. We recently came across these portable safes by SAFEGO, and they’re a fantastic solution! They’re easy to transport, and will help keep your things protected while on-the-go. Check them out!

These portable safes are lightweight, water-resistant, and nearly indestructible:

Touch of Modern

And with a flexible steel cable, they can be attached to almost anywhere. They’re perfect for beachgoers, hikers, campers, or anyone who needs to keep their personal items protected.

To get inside, the safes have both a three-digit number combination and key access:

The Travel Gear Reviews
The Travel Gear Reviews

They have enough space to fit your phone, watch, wallet, sunglasses, keys, and a few other items.  For example, an iPhone 6 Plus will fit  – but most tablets won’t (even an iPad Mini).

They also have a hole for convenient earphone access, so you can listen to music anywhere, anytime:


Have you ever tried to listen to music out in the rain? It’s pretty much impossible if you’re using a touchscreen. And it can even damage your electronics if they get wet enough. Just set your music player or other device inside this safe, thread your headphones through the hole at the top, and you’ll still be able to rock out even if it’s pouring outside.

They’re impact-resistant:


The safes are built with ABS plastic and nickel-plated Zamak. ABS plastic is known for being heavy duty, and can be found in quite a few common items like: automotive parts, recorders, and even LEGOs (and we all know the pain those bring if you happen to step on them).

Of course, they’re just not going to be as reliable as bona fide steel safes (like these). But they’re still pretty good at withstanding impact, and will certainly slow down and deter thieves from trying to take your stuff.

They’re also really versatile. You can take them camping, RVing, out to the beach, park, pool, or even just hang them in your closet at a hotel:

Unique Hunters

And they’re relatively lightweight, measuring in at only about a pound (without any items inside).

They’re made in four colors: black, pink, white, and blue.


This makes it way easier to tell whose is whose when it comes to families or group outings.

Want a closer look? Check out this short 1:43 clip:

Looking to score your own? Pick up one of these awesome portable safes by SAFEGO here.