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This Rare CJ5 Jeep Camper Got Into Some Serious Trouble In The Petrified Forest 45 Years Ago

Thanks to Mike Leavenworth for sharing his photos of a CJ5 Jeep Camper that got stuck on a rock outcropping in Arizona’s Petrified Forest during the summer of 1969.

Mike said that the photos were in a large box of slides he got from a Pennsylvania geology professor.

He hasn’t been able to track down why the camper ended up stuck on the rock. Kaiser Jeep started selling the CJ5 Jeep Camper in 1969, maybe this was a publicity shoot gone bad?

Why is that camper so close to the edge?

CJ5 Jeep Camper stuck in the Petrified Forest
© Mike Leavenworth

You can tell it’s a Jeep Camper by the logo on the back.

CJ5 Jeep Camper
© Mike Leavenworth

A Jeep Camper that’s in some serious trouble.

Stranded CJ5 Jeep Camper
© Mike Leavenworth

Closeup of the camper dangling off the cliff.

Close up of the camper on the rocks
© Mike Leavenworth

Someone called in a tow truck to make the rescue.

Boy watching the CJ5 being rescued
© Mike Leavenworth

As a crowd gathers around.

A crowd gathers around the tow truck
© Mike Leavenworth

Mike said,

In all my on-line and offline discussions on this – we all agree – there should be a record of this “somewhere” as these were very much new at the time. We think it was a photo shoot gone bad. I would really enjoy learning any facts you can come up with.

If you know anything about this CJ5 Jeep Camper or the accident, please share in the comments.

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