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Everything You Need To Know About Recreational Utility Vehicles (RUVs)

There are a lot of reasons to love recreational utility vehicles (RUVs). They’re compact, easy to drive around, and wonderful for quick ‘n easy weekend getaways.

Thinking about investing in one of these sweet things? Here’s everything you need to know before scoring your own.

What is an RUV?

Thor Motorcoach

An RUV is a brilliant combination of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) and a recreational vehicle (RV). They’re smaller in size, and smoother to drive than other types of motorhomes, but the inside is still spacious enough to accommodate the whole family.

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Why should I get one?

Thor Motorcoach

With so many models on the market, RUVs are one of many excellent choices of RVs. But how do you know if an RUV is the right one for you?

  • You’re interested in a vehicle that can fit the whole family.
  • You like the features of Class A motorhomes…but they’re a little bit too big.
  • You’d prefer a compact vehicle that’s easy to drive wherever, whenever.
  • You’re looking to save money on traveling costs.

How much do they usually cost? Are they even worth investing in?

Thor Motorcoach

Depending on your preferences, RUVs are usually well worth investing in. If you agreed with most of the factors above, it’s pretty likely you’d find one to be a good fit.

The price of an RUV depends on a few factors. If you purchase your RUV brand new from the manufacturer (like the 2016 Compass from Thor Motorcoach, as pictured here), it’s probably going to be a lot more out of your wallet.

The average price for used 2016 models on RV Trader go for about $65,000-$80,000.

But how do recreational utility vehicles save you money?

When you’re out traveling, you’re coughing up at least $150 a night for a decent motel/hotel. But if you’re at an RV park, you’ll only have to shell out about $25-50 per night (plus gas).

And don’t forget all of the money you’d save on food by cooking in your RUV, rather than going out to eat. That can really add up quick.

How drivable are they?

Thor Motorcoach

Because RUVs are more compact than most other motorhomes, RUVs are much more fun and easy to drive around. Think of it like driving a Ford Excursion compared to a gigantic tour bus.

The average size of an RUV is about 25-26 feet long. Some models (like the Compass and Gemini from Thor Motor Coach) are even smaller, at 23 feet long.

The dense size also allows the vehicle to easily park in compact spaces – which can be especially helpful when it comes to parallel parking.

How livable are they?

Thor Motorcoach

RUVs are much more cozy inside than they may look from outside. The spacious interior is perfect for cooking, sleeping, or just kicking back with a glass of wine or an ice cold brew.

Thor’s RUVs come with a 32″ LED TV in the living area, along with homey leatherette furniture and a Bluetooth Coach Radio in the bedroom with exterior speakers.

To stay as compact as possible, RUVs are also full of spaces for extra storage. Additionally, the vehicles can even serve as capable haulers.

Where can I get my own?

Thor Motorcoach

You can find your own shiny new RUV from a dealer near you, or cheaper used models available online.

Either way, it’s a solid option if you’re looking for a new, comfy mobile home to take the family out this summer.

What do you think? Could you see yourself driving one of these compact vehicles?