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Remote Control Trailer Back Up Gadget Makes Maneuvering Easier

This post was updated on March 27th, 2024

The Aussies might call RV trailer “caravans” and spell “manoeuvre” differently than we do in America, but the creators of the e-Go Purple Line remote control trailer back up gadget seem to know the secret to avoiding RVing back up disasters.

Has this ever happened to your tow vehicle?

Remote control trailer back up gadget
Rene Agredano

Remote control trailer mover gadgets aren’t all that uncommon in other countries. Maybe it’s because the U.S. has more overall space than our overseas counterparts, but we just don’t see things like the remote control trailer back up gadget in the states. That’s a shame, because there isn’t one American RVer who hasn’t experienced the frustration – and sometimes damage – that happens when you back your trailer into an extremely tight spot.

Remote Control Trailer Back Up Gadget Moves RVs in any Direction

What’s this device all about? Simply put, it’s an after-market device with a remote controlled gearbox that enables you to easily back your unhitched RV trailer into tricky spots. With just the flick of a switch a remote control trailer back up gadget can engage your trailer tires and move it forward, backward, left, right and even make 360-degree turns – all without being attached to your tow vehicle!

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Just push a button and get into any tight spot.

Remote control trailer back up gadget

The e-Go Purple Line is one of the more popular remote control trailer back up motors. It can be installed by an RV technician, but according to the company, an ambitious DIYer can do the install as well. It’s not too difficult to add to your trailer: the direct drive gearbox gets mounted to your trailer chassis. When you operate the gearbox with a remote control, an automatic crank handle will wind the motors and engage the tires.

A Moveable Investment for Your Trailer

The e-Go Purple Line company says that their product can be used with single axles up to 2.25 tons, or a double axle RV weighing up to 3.5 tons. Unlike other permanently mounted remote control trailer back up systems, if you get a new trailer somewhere down the road and it meets the product’s weight requirements, the e-Go can be relocated to that RV. This makes the $2,000 (approximate) investment a good deal when you consider that it’s indefinitely reusable.

Whether you park your trailer in a compact urban environment or frequent those RV parks that pack campers in like sardines, you might want to consider one of these handy devices  to protect your trailer from parking damage, and save your sanity too.

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