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How To Repair Or Replace The Hinge On The Rear Door Of A Toy Hauler

We recently got a question from a DoItYourselfRV reader who needed some help with repairing the hinge on the rear door of his 2003 Pacific Coachworks’ Rage’n toy hauler.

Over time, the hinge on the rear door of a toy hauler might become rusted or seized.

In the video below, YouTube user greenrumour shows you one option for replacing the piano-style hinge on a Forest River toy hauler.

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The first thing you’re going to need to do is remove any rust or paint in the area where the new hinge will attach. Depending on how badly rusted your toy hauler’s rear door is, you might need several coats of primer and automotive enamel to properly prepare the surface.

Here’s what greenrumour said about using strap hinges instead of another piano hinge,

I used a total of six hinges with half inch pins. This is overkill for the load but I felt it necessary due to the nature of the door and the torque the springs put on it with it open.

Welding on a new piano hinge would be a cleaner look and the choice of the RV techs but its a bit more difficult and prone to rust out as did the original.

Also, the door on his Forest River toy hauler doesn’t sit flush with the outside of the door frame. Even with the door completely shut, it hangs out about 3/8″.

Because the door doesn’t match up with the frame exactly, he had to modify the hinges using a hydraulic press. The press allowed him to make a 1/4″ step-down on one side of the hinge so everything stayed flush.

You can see how he cold-pressed the hinges in this video here.

Replacing the rear door hinge on a Forest River toy hauler.



The hinges he used in the video can be found on eBay. He used a grease-able 8 inch strap hinge from Hansen International. These hinges have 1/2″ pins. He also got the bolts to attach the hinges on eBay. You’ll need barrel nut T-55 and stainless carriage bolts SS 18-8.

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