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Replace Your RV Step Cover Rugs With Aftermarket Options

Are the step covers on your travel trailer or motorhome dingy and worn? You can replace them with a couple of options that will last years into the future, and you don’t need to see an RV technician to get the job done.

What are replacement RV step covers?

Replacement step covers fit both manual and automatic steps, and usually come in a couple of sizes, around 18 inches wide and 23 inches wide.

coversA couple of different companies sell the most popular replacement step covers:

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  • Ruggids (the rugs featured in the video below)
  • Camco (comes in 18 inch and 23 inch sizes)

Replacing RV step covers can be done yourself, and doesn’t require any sort of special tools, outside of maybe a pair of pliers and scissors.


The fit is important for attaching the new rugs to your RV’s steps. Fortunately, most steps on RVs are of a standard width, usually 24″ wide, and with a common depth of about 8″.

Why should you use RV step covers?

RV step covers work well for a variety of reasons. Campers who have dogs use them because sometimes their nails can get caught in the bare metal grooves or holes of an uncovered step.

Others prefer the added safety when climbing steps after a rainstorm or when the steps are damp.

Third, quality replacement pads last a long time, so you won’t have to keep shelling out money to replace them after every camping season. Some campers have used the same set for over a decade, while most campers can expect to get at least five good years of solid use.

Installing RV step cover replacement pads

Installing your new step cover pads doesn’t take a lot of work. They come with cable ties or springs, and are meant to be ready to install, right out of the packaging.

After placing the new rug on the steps, feed the cable ties through the front and back eyelets. Make sure the rug sits evenly on the step, and then cinch down the ties. Cut off the excess plastic hanging down, and you’re in business!

Replacing RV step rugs yourself – with The RVgeeks.

Unlike reflective decals or ‘skid strips’, the step rugs don’t sit on top of the step, but wrap around the step, nearly overlapping on the bottom.

If your steps are on the skinny side, you can always trim excess material, so the replacement rugs fit securely, no matter your step’s depth.

Also, don’t be alarmed if the rug doesn’t fit exactly the full width of your steps. There’s supposed to be some overlap and ‘step’ poking through on each side.

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