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Learn How To RV – 3 Resources For New RVers

New RVers about to test drive new RV

Learn How To RV – 3 Resources For New RVers

You’ve heard it often said, “I don’t know enough to know what I don’t know.” This is often true with new RVers. These novice RVers plunge head first into starting their RV adventure, anxious to hit the road and join the ranks of weekend road warriors. Some are so bold as to become full time RVers without the scarcest notion of how to begin. 

New RVers tend to seek knowledge wherever they can find it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but should be done with a filter…particularly when an investment of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars is at stake. Here are 3 helpful resources every new RVer should consider to help them get started.


The term social media paints a broad picture of various online resources. Most of us think of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram when we hear that term, but one of the original forms of social media is the forum.

A forum is, “a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.”  This aptly describes the most popular RV forum available,, which recently celebrated its 20th year of serving the RV community, Should be the first place every new RVer begins their RV education. Most RVers end up on iRV2 anyway, if by no other means than Google. When you search Google with an RV question, you will inevitably end up on and find answers to those DIY RV repair questions.

New RVers should make a conscious effort to seek out first to find answers to any RVing question they may have. Not only can you avoid the sniping and sarcasm rampant in other forms of social media, iRV2 has a wealth of knowledge spanning two decades. Every new RVer should start their journey by visiting this valuable and free resource.

2. RV Masterclass

RV Masterclass, recently acquired by RV LIFE, is a terrific way to gain knowledge quickly. More formal than YouTube and produced by expert RVers, RV Masterclass offers nearly two dozen courses in a variety of disciplines. Each course is video driven with additional notes and information. 

New RVers will appreciate courses like; RV Buyers Bootcamp, Boondocking 101, RV Foundations, and Remote Work 101…just to name a few. Videos and course material are prepared by RV YouTube favorites such as Getaway Couple, Less Junk More Journey, Morton’s on the Move, and Mark and Dawn Polk of RV Education 101

You’ll also be treated to great content by financial advisors, business coaches, travel advisors, and inspirational experts. RV Masterclass courses are priced individually and range from $49 to $249 and are an affordable alternative to making an expensive RVing mistake. 

3. E3 Camping

E3 Camping, founded by the E3 Association in partnership with Marc and Tricia Leach of Keep Your Daydream, is a subscription-based community with monthly and annual membership options. E3 Camping offers similar educational resources with regard to videos and course materials to that of RV Masterclass, but with a focus on live events and interaction.

Live group calls, webinars, streaming, and in-person events provide a high level of interactive feedback to answer questions and a real time response to RVing issues that are common with both veteran and new RVers.

New RVers will find prices for E3 Camping start as low as $14.95 per month. As an added benefit, all E3 Camping members will receive a full subscription to RV LIFE Pro for as long as your E3 membership is active. RV LIFE Pro consists of RV LIFE Trip Wizard, the RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds app, and RV LIFE Maintenance.

All E3 Camping members will receive a full subscription to RV LIFE Pro


Social media can be great for some RVing questions a new RVer might have such as, what is your favorite camping meal or what is your favorite national park? But when it comes to questions that affect your safety, the investment you have in your RV, or even your livelihood, it’s best to pursue some of the more formal educational options presented here to learn about your RV and questions you may have about RVing.

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