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10 Must-Have RV Accessories That Cost $50 Or Less

There is a wide variety of RV products on the market these days that are both useful and affordable. We found ten handy items that you probably didn’t even know you needed, and they all cost less than $50.

1. Check your tire pressure easily with Tekton’s Digital Tire Gauge ($7)
rv accessories
Photo via Youtube

Keeping your tires at the proper pressure levels can be life-saving. With the simple push of a button, these digital gauges will give you an exact reading (unlike regular analog gauges), and if you’re driving at night, the screen and nozzle both light up so you can see what you’re doing. They’re available on Amazon here.

2. Charge your devices on the road with these Coffee Cup Mobile Power Ports ($25-30)
RV accessories

Shaped like coffee cups, these PowerLine USB ports may look realistic but under no circumstances should you pour any liquid into them. They actually plug into a 12-volt socket to charge your phone and other devices. Plus, the brilliant design makes them perfect for storing in your cup holder. Find them on Amazon here.

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3. Slap these RVminders around your steering wheel and you’ll never forget anything before taking off (Set of 10 for $16)

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Instead of sticking Post-Its to your steering wheel, these RVMinders are a fun way to remember everything before driving off: from unplugging cords to putting your steps and ladder away. They come in a set of ten (including two blank fill-in-your-own reminders) from the manufacturer here.

4. Have a BBQ anywhere with these fold-open Charcoal Grills ($25)
RV accessories

With a sleek fold-open design, these BBQ grills can be taken anywhere, anytime. They measure about 14 inches when in use, and quickly fold down to 1 inch in seconds. Get them online here.

5. Easily keep your campsite clean with these Hang N Out Trash Cans ($32)
RV accessories

These lightweight (yet durable) trash cans are perfect for camping, RVing, and tailgating. They’re easy to set up, and fit over the tires of most RVs, trucks, SUVs, buses, and cars. They hold regular 30-gallon bags and perfectly replace old bulky trash cans. You can find them on Amazon here.

6. Store digital photos from your trips on a Volkswagen bus flash drive ($40)
RV accessories
Photo via

These USB flash drives are an absolute treasure for fans of classic Volkswagen buses. They’re wonderfully detailed from the logo to the signature headlights that light up when they’re plugged in.  Find them online here.

7. Keep loose items on your dashboard with Heininger’s CommuteMate DashGrip Pads ($7)
RV accessories

Don’t have a good place to keep loose items like your phone or sunglasses when you’re driving? Cling them to your dashboard easily with these magical DashGrip pads.

Your items won’t move around or get lost, but they’ll still be within short reach. Plus, the pads are easy to move from one car to another with no adhesive required, so you won’t have to worry about leaving any sticky residue. Get yours on Amazon here.

8. Use this portable solar charger to power your phone ($20)
RV accessories

With a free included hook, these solar chargers can be attached to your backpack while you’re out camping and hiking. They’ll soak up power from the sun, and in turn, charge your phone and other devices. They’re water-resistant to withstand rain, and relatively very affordable at about $20 on Amazon.

9. Upgrade your shower with these spa-like Oxygenics Showerheads ($28)
RV accessories
Photo via TruckCamperAdvetnure

Most RV showerheads don’t have a powerful water flow. To solve this, swap yours out for this spa-like showerhead from Oxygenics. It adds oxygen into the water, which self-pressurizes it and makes the flow more consistent.

The showerhead comes with a 60-inch hose, and push-button shut off so you can conserve water while lathering up. Check them out here.

10. Keep your food from moving while driving with Camco’s Fridge Braces (2-pack for $5.50)


Food and beverages can spill everywhere while driving. These holders from Camco are easy to attach to your fridge shelves, and hold everything from your milk to pickles in place. They come in a set of two on Amazon here.

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