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How To Install A Remote Control For Your Exterior LED Awning Lights

LED light strip
LED light strip with an IR remote control. If your LED light strip didn’t come with a remote, we’ll show you how to add one.

Here’s a neat mod to add an on / off switch to your exterior LED light strip.

Some LED light strips come with a remote control device to turn them on or off, change colors, or vary the blinking rate.

The package to the right includes an infrared remote control with a 16 foot long string of 300 LEDs.

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If the LED light strip on your RV didn’t come with a remote control, don’t worry.

We’ll show you how to add an after-market remote that will allow you to turn your lights on and off from some distance away from the camper.

Use a Remote With Your Exterior LED Light Strip For Safety and Convenience

A popular place to install an LED light strip is underneath the awning, right against the side of the trailer.

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By installing the strip in this location, the light from the LEDs will reflect off the bottom surface of the extended awning, and create a nice ambiance for relaxing outside.

You’ll also get plenty of light even with the awning rolled up.

The remote will allow you to turn the lights on and off without having to go inside your rig – no more fumbling around in the dark for your trailer keys.

An LED remote puts lighting at your fingertips (literally).

Outdoor LED lighting

User ctpres at the Forums shared his simple and inexpensive method for adding a remote to his exterior LED light strip.

For only $10 and 30 minutes of time (assuming you already have the awning lights installed) you could get this remote up and running.

With his recommended remote, you can also dim the lights in addition to powering them off and on.

Remote control for LED awning light strip
Remote control for LED awning light strip

Here’s what you’ll need:

How to install the LED remote control:

  1. Install the LED awning lights where desired. A good spot is near the top of the trailer, and under the awning.
  2. Install the RF Base Unit in a dry location with as little interference between the unit and the outside as possible (in an RV storage compartment or on the inside of a wall on the awning side).
  3. Use screws, 3M strips, or double sided tape to fasten the RF base unit.
  4. Run wire from the power source to the RF base unit “Input”. (doesn’t hurt to use wire tubing to protect the wires)
  5. Run wire from the RV awning lights to RF base unit  “Output”. (doesn’t hurt to use wire tubing to protect the wires)
  6. Attach the key fob to key ring and enjoy!

Here’s an installation diagram you might find helpful:

Wiring schmatic for LED remote control

Installing a remote for the LED light strip on an RV
Photo: ctpres

Here’s what ‘ctpres’ had to say about his installation,

Somehow we usually forget to leave an outside light on during daytime exploring and come home to a dark porch, fumble with keys and finally get in.

Problem solved: Added wireless remote control to awning strip lights. Two bonus features from this project, now we can remotely dim/brighten the lights and in an emergency they will flash, all from the same key fob.

Installation so easy, just cut wire to light, hot wires to input, light wires to output – observe polarity and mount with a couple screws or double stick tape.

Via: ctpres

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  1. Hey Ricky,
    That sounds like a neat idea. I can’t think of a reason off the top of my head why it wouldn’t work. Are you thinking of making some duct work to reroute the warm air under the chassis?

  2. This site is super for me. 4 years and counting to retire, sell the house and go full time on the road.

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