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RV Basement Storage Mod for Pass Through Area

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

Some of the storage design elements in RV’s can be a real head scratcher. We have always thought that about the storage area in the RV basements that are pass through. Long, relatively narrow corridors that are unreachable except for the first 2 feet in on either side. Clearly an afterthought, these areas were not very well thought out. A gentleman by the name of Kurt over at the CrossRoadS forum came up with a novel RV basement storage mod on his Sunset Trail 2013 ST22BH that can turn that unusable area in the center into something functional once again. For the most part you will find that Travel Trailers and Fifth wheels have this type of storage. Motorhomes often do not.

Kurt found that he never got enough use from the pass through storage area. He came up with this RV basement storage mod out of necessity. He was tired of using roasting sticks to hook items and pull them out of the clutches of the pass through storage. So he started working on a pull out drawer style system that would give him access to the entire pass through storage. Limited on budget he custom designed the RV basement storage mod you see in the photos below.


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RV Basement Storage Mod for Pass Through Area Photos:


First came the construction of the box which is straight forward and should be cut to fit your particular RV basement storage area dimensions. Next, non-swiveling casters were installed upside down to make the drawer system slide. Its important to note that these casters will hold a majority of the weight. Then deep groves were cut into 2”x4”’s to guide the box and keep it stationary from left to right. Kurt also installed shelf bracket holders that ride in the grooves to help keep the drawer from tipping. Next the installation of a a couple of carefully placed screws that are intended to keep the unit from sliding out past a certain point. Lastly, a latch was installed to keep the drawer stationary during transit.


The estimated weight of this RV basement storage mod is estimated at 30lbs. There is a loss of use of the bottom 1.5” due to the thickness of the drawer mechanism, but Kurt finds the use of the center area more than compensates for that loss.

You can read more about the RV basement storage mod and see additional photos by clicking the source link below.


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