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6 RV Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Anyone Can Do

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6 RV Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Anyone Can Do

If you have an RV with a bathroom, you know it adds a level of convenience, but it isn’t exactly a luxurious space. RV bathrooms are generally quite small and aren’t designed for comfort or ease of use. That’s where RV bathroom remodel ideas come in handy!

Whether they’re big or small changes, updating your bathroom can make a huge difference. There are lots of simple updates that anyone can do to make their bathroom a bit more comfortable and stylish! You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars or completely change the layout in order to create a better space. Below are 6 RV bathroom remodel ideas that are easy to do and can elevate the appearance and comfort of your bathroom.

1. Incorporate storage solutions

RVs could always use a bit more storage space. Most bathrooms come with a vanity or cabinet installed somewhere inside, but this can make the overhead space feel cramped.

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You might not be able to add a ton of storage, but there are lots of ways to add organizers or storage units to your bathroom. One simple and cheap method is to hang a plastic shoe organizer on the outside of the shower curtain. This is an easy way to store toiletries, soap, and other bathroom essentials.

The type of storage solution you choose may depend on the layout of your bathroom. If you have cabinets under the sink, you can use sliding shelves or a basket that hangs behind the door. 

You can also utilize the blank wall space over the sink or the toilet to screw baskets into the wall. Metal baskets like this one are popular because they are sturdy and modern-looking. You can also install hooks on the wall to hang towels, bath robes, or anything else.

There are lots of solutions to the storage problem, and you shouldn’t feel limited by the existing fixtures. If you want to install a new cabinet or remove an existing one, that can be a great way to reinvent the space.

2. Install a bidet

Sometimes RV bathroom remodel ideas include adding a few luxury items that make the space feel more modern and personalized. Many people prefer using bidets these days and there are options for RV owners to enjoy them as well. This is a solution that will help you conserve toilet paper and will make it easier for your RV toilet to flush. Plus, the extra water will help you avoid toilet clogs!

This is also an easy upgrade to accomplish. There are a variety of bidet types including portable bidets, handheld sprayers, toilet attachments, and stand-alone units. In terms of choosing one for an RV bathroom, a toilet attachment might be the best option. It’s an easy upgrade to install and most of them come with a range of options that will let you control the settings.

3. Add a heated towel rack

Another luxury item that takes a bathroom from good to great is a heated towel rack. There’s no better feeling in the world than stepping out of a shower and wrapping yourself in a warm, fluffy towel. On the flip side, it’s terrible to only have a damp and chilly towel available.

Many RVers who have heated towel racks swear by them and attest that they are must-haves for any bathroom. These are easy to install and won’t take up much room on your wall. Options like this HEATGENE towel warmer are good for RV bathrooms and will provide a lovely warm towel whenever you need one.

These items can be a bit more expensive to incorporate than other RV bathroom remodel ideas, but a towel warmer is well worth it if you often travel through chilly or damp climates. For those who live in their RVs all year long, an upgrade like this will bring a nice feeling of luxury and comfort to your vehicle, especially during the winter months.

4. Replace fixtures

Lots of RV bathroom remodel ideas you’ll see on the internet are just small tweaks that make a big impact. If you update or replace the fixtures within your bathroom, you’ll find that it makes a world of difference!

Items like faucets, cabinet door handles, and light fixtures are all small accent pieces that are often overlooked. But if you were to replace each of these items with fixtures that had a modern and unified appearance, you’ll find that it does wonders at tying the decoration style together.

A common choice for modern RV bathrooms is to use dark metal fixtures against light-colored walls. This creates a clean and effective decorating style. You can also match this with soap dispensers, wall hooks, and other items that have a similar color or appearance. 

5. Replace RV flooring

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, don’t ignore the floors! Most RVs are outfitted with linoleum floors because they are durable, cheap, and lightweight. The bathrooms are no exception to this standard, and you probably have neutral-toned linoleum floors that don’t necessarily add anything special to the space.

Luckily, an easy solution is available! You can update your bathroom floors by installing faux wood or lightweight tiles. This will add a bit more color and intrigue to the space without a lot of hassle.

Faux wood brings an organic element to the room, and you can find it in a variety of colors, sizes, and grain designs. You can just peel and stick these tiles down without any grouting. This product from Lucida Surfaces is a fantastic option for RV owners to consider.

6. Add backsplash or wall decorations

Finally, some of the most easy RV bathroom remodel ideas include adding a splash of color to the walls! The traditional walls of an RV bathroom are quite bare and boring, so any decorative touch will elevate the space.

Backsplash is a common decorative element for kitchens, but you can also use it for a bathroom as well. If you have a blank space above the sink, consider adding some adhesive tiles, geometric patterns, or faux bricks. 

A coat of paint can also brighten up the room! If you want some contrast between your dark fixtures and appliances, consider using a lighter hue or just going for a clean white appearance. A fun shower curtain, patterned hand towels, and other decorative accents can add a bit of visual interest to an otherwise boring room.

Have fun with it and incorporate some decorations that you personally enjoy. Maybe a little houseplant would be nice, or a souvenir from a recent trip. When it comes to upgrading and remodeling your RV bathroom, you have a ton of options that are simple and cheap to incorporate. It might seem overwhelming, but even small changes can have a big effect.

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