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How To Find The Best RV Bed Sheets For Your Camper

How To Find The Best RV Bed Sheets For Your Camper

Do you toss and turn a lot when sleeping in your RV? Do you constantly get too hot or too cold in the middle of the night, no matter where you’re camping? It may be time to upgrade your RV bed sheets.

Good bed sheets can make the difference between a sweaty, restless night and a peaceful night’s sleep. However, you don’t want to pick up just any set of RV bed sheets from the store. To start, it’s important to note what makes RV bed sheets different than the regular bed sheets you use at home.

How are RV bed sheets different?

The mattresses in most manufactured RVs are shorter and narrower than the regular beds in sticks-and-bricks homes. Most RV bed platforms have different dimensions as well.

RV bed sheets are specifically designed to fit the mattresses in most motorhomes and campers. They are produced in a wide range of sizes and a few different types of materials.

RV mattress sizes 

The first thing to consider when shopping for RV bed sheets is your mattress size. Obviously, you will need different sheets for the bunk beds than your short queen or RV king in the bedroom.

These are the mattress sizes most commonly found in RVs. To ensure you get the best fit, it’s highly recommended to measure your RV bed for specific dimensions.

What is the best RV bedding sheet material?

The secret to buying the right RV bed sheets comes down to the material. You do not only want sheets that fit your RV mattress, but they should also be comfortable, breathable, and easy to clean. Those with sensitive skin may also want to shop for RV bed sheets that are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

These are some of the best bed sheet materials:

Putting on RV bed sheets 

Once you’ve narrowed down what type of RV bed sheets you want, it’s time for the challenge of putting them on. Author Chelsea Gonzales shares some great tips in this previous article on how to make an RV bed.

“If your mattress is a tight fit, you might find it easiest to tuck the excess into the crack using a dowel rod or even a wooden ruler,” She says. “This will save your fingers some pain and leave your bed looking as good as a hotel bed.”

RV Geeks has also demonstrated how you can make a fitted sheet fit on an RV mattress—using suspender clips—in this video:

Where to buy RV bed sheets

RV bed sheets are widely available at most big-box stores like Walmart, RV supply stores, and online from Amazon or RV Upgrades. The brand ByourBed makes a great variety of RV bed sheets in addition to their regular home bedding.

For a better night’s sleep, we recommend upgrading your RV mattress to an aftermarket option as well. Read about our favorite RV mattresses for quality sleep in this RV LIFE article.