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Why You Should Avoid RV Bumper Stickers

RV bumper stickers on the back of a green VW Campervan
Photo by Frankie Guarini on StockSnap

The Downsides To RV Bumper Stickers

We get it.  You are proud of your family and/or your recreational activities, and you want to tell the world.  Or maybe you found a funny bumper sticker that you are sure will bring smiles to people who see it. 

Bumper stickers are a means of expression that have been used for over 50 years to advertise things about ourselves.  RV bumper stickers can be fun or even a conversation starter to meet like-minded people who share your views or sense of humor.  However, using bumper stickers on your RV comes with downsides that you might not have thought about. 

Why you should avoid putting bumper stickers on your RV

Without being paranoid, putting bumper stickers on any vehicle is a bad idea for the following reasons. RV bumper stickers will have the following effects on your rig:

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  • Add to the depreciation of your RV and may be difficult to remove without any traces left behind.
  • Advertising the sport you are involved in tells thieves that there may be valuable sports equipment inside your rig.
  • Advertising firearms tells would-be thieves where they can steal weapons while you are out.
  • Advertising anything about your family will cause people (including those with nefarious intents) about your identity.
  • Advertising places you’ve been tells thieves that you travel a lot, and there’s a good chance they can find things like expensive electronic devices inside your rig.
  • Bumper stickers about your dog tell would be dog thieves where they can steal a dog when you are away from your rig.
  • It goes without saying, bumper stickers that say things like “Bad Cop, No Donut” make your rig a heat score and attract police attention.
  • Bumper stickers beg people to consciously or unconsciously judge who you are before they have a chance to meet you.  No one needs that.

The best way to remove any decal from your RV

Using a heat gun or even a blow dryer set on high will soften the glue that holds the bumper sticker on your RV so it can be peeled off very easily.  Follow up with Goo Gone or a Tub O’ Towels wipe to remove any remaining residue.  Tub O’ Towels wipes have a citrus-oil-based cleaner in them that is great for removing sticky residue.

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