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Why You Should Avoid RV Bumper Stickers

This post was updated on April 20th, 2024

We get it.  You are proud of your family and/or your recreational activities, and you want to tell the world.  Or maybe you found a funny bumper sticker that you are sure will bring smiles to people who see it. 

Bumper stickers are a means of expression that have been used for well over 7 decades to advertise things about ourselves.  RV bumper stickers can be fun or even a conversation starter to meet like-minded people who share your views or sense of humor.  However, using bumper stickers on your RV comes with downsides that you might not have thought about. 

Why you should avoid putting bumper stickers on your RV

Without being paranoid, putting bumper stickers on any vehicle is a bad idea for the following reasons.

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Damage to Paint

Strong adhesives designed to withstand the elements help bumper stickers bond tightly to your RV’s paint. When you remove these stickers, they can tear off not only themselves but also layers of paint and clear coat. This damage might necessitate professional repairs to restore your RV’s original look, or it could decrease the resale value if you decide to sell it with damaged paint.

Difficult Removal

Exposure to the sun, rain, and temperature fluctuations can bake bumper stickers onto the surface. You often need special solvents and significant effort to remove them. The longer a sticker stays in place, the more likely it is to leave a permanent mark or discoloration, particularly on older vehicles where the surrounding paint may have faded, but the paint under the sticker has not.

Aesthetic Concerns

Personalizing your RV with bumper stickers can make it feel more like your own, but an excessive number or outdated stickers can spoil the overall look of your vehicle. Tastes and opinions change; what once seemed amusing or trendy can later become regrettable. Furthermore, a cluttered array of stickers might convey to others that the RV is poorly maintained.

Privacy and Security

Bumper stickers that reflect your hobbies or personal interests can inadvertently give potential thieves clues about what might be inside your RV. For example, stickers that suggest you enjoy outdoor sports or expensive hobbies could indicate that valuable equipment is stored inside. Likewise, stickers showing pet ownership, such as dog breeds, might suggest that you frequently travel with pets and leave the RV unattended during walks or outings. It’s important to think about how even harmless-seeming stickers can broadcast personal information that might increase the risk of theft or break-ins.

Impact on Warranty

Some RV warranties contain specific clauses that exclude coverage for damages caused by aftermarket modifications, including adhesive decals or stickers. It’s vital to check your warranty’s terms before applying any stickers to ensure that you’re not voiding your coverage. Otherwise, you might have to pay out of pocket for any sticker-related repairs.

    The best way to remove any decal from your RV

    Using a heat gun or even a blow dryer set on high will soften the glue that holds the bumper sticker on your RV so it can be peeled off very easily.  Follow up with Goo Gone or a Tub O’ Towels wipe to remove any remaining residue.  Tub O’ Towels wipes have a citrus-oil-based cleaner in them that is great for removing sticky residue.

    What’s Your Take on RV Bumper Stickers?

    While they can add a personal touch, there are several reasons to reconsider before decking out your rig. Do you think the charm outweighs the risks, or have you had experiences that steer you away from them? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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