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Clever RV Cabinet Storage Idea for Pans, Sheets, and Cutting Boards

The cling and clank of pans, baking sheets and other items in the RV kitchen cabinets can be such a bother. We have always just laid them flat so they wouldn’t bang around at the expense of wasted space. If there was only a simple way that didn’t require a fixed partition. After all, the number of items that need to be stored flat can change over time or even during the course of meal preparation.

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We were over joyed to see this RV cabinet storage idea by ADK Camper at the forums on his 2012 Fun Finder 210WBS.  So simple yet so very versatile, this design opens a world of possibilities for more securely and efficiently storing those flat items like cutting boards, pans, baking sheets, and other flat kitchen items.


The materials needed to do this are also quite simple. Simply build a base and a retaining cabinet like door. The door in this case was just a frame and a few dowels cut to fit to make it structurally solid. Both should be cut to fit the area in question. Pick up a specialized pair of cabinet spring hinges and connect the base to the retaining door.

The best part about this RV cabinet storage idea is that it can accommodate several more or less items than were originally intended and still should hold the items securely. This could be used in any cabinet or storage space. We have talked about using it against the wall behind the lounger in the living room area to hold magazines and books. It is a really neat idea and one that could be completed in just a few hours.

What do you use to keep things from moving around in your RV cabinets? Share your RV cabinet storage thoughts in the comments below!

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