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RV Carport And Garage – Options, Customizations, And Costs


Steel Building Garages
Steel Building Garages

Though steel RV carports require the help of a manufacturer for construction and installation, long-term they are very low maintenance. There is no need for paint to maintain their integrity. Steel structures hold up well against harsh weather conditions and some, like those available from ProBuilt Steel, come with up to a 40 year warranty.


Steel carports can be fabricated to fit any set of needs. Often, they can be built up to 40’ wide and tall enough to fit any rig. They can be customized to fit any shape of trailer or recreational vehicle, and can be matched to the space you have available on your property. The right manufacturer can offer multiple designs, options and add-ons – including enclosed sides, ends or garage doors.

With steel, you can also choose the gauge of the sheeting and tubing, depending on the strength you’re looking for. Some manufacturers give you the option of 26-gauge (.018” thick) or 29-gauge (.014” thick) steel sheeting and 12 or 14-gauge steel tubing. The lower the gauge, the stronger and thicker the steel, and the more likely it is to stand up against wind damage.


As with a wood carport, the cost of a steel RV carport depends primarily on the size specifications and your choice of options and additions, but they can be under $1,000 – and still come with a 40 year warranty. Again, this price is for the most basic steel RV  carport, and it will increase as your level of customization increases.

For the same price – or cheaper – as a wood carport, you can get a fully manufactured and customized steel carport, and what it lacks in design, it makes up for in strength and durability. If you’re interested in a steel RV garage you should have a look at this video slideshow of one being built.


RV Carport and Garage Wrap-Up

If the price of any of these carports make you a little weary, some manufacturers offer financing options, making great protection for your RV all the more affordable.

It’s always best to buy a RV garage that can support not only your current RV but possibly your next RV as well (upgrading anytime soon?).

You should also consider building your RV garage wide enough to support any slide outs and tall enough so you can work on the roof of your RV under the structure.

An RV carport can be a solid investment and it can add value to your property while helping to ensure your RV will be in great condition whenever you’re ready to head out on that next adventure.

As always we recommend you shop around to find the best pricing and quality for your needs. Maybe you want to really splurge, and design your dream RV port home?

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  1. i have a 5th wheel Rv that measures 8ft wide but opens up to 14 ft wide , and is 38ft long from end to end , and is 12 1/2 ft hi and I am looking for a metal carport to cover it

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