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5 Things In Your RV That You Should Probably Be Cleaning More Often

When the square footage of your living space is much smaller than an apartment or sticks-and-bricks house, it’s bound to get dirty much faster. Dishes need to be washed within a day, the bathroom area should be kept tidy, and tables need to be wiped off regularly.

But even with your best efforts, bacteria and dirt can still build up quickly around your RV. Make sure you don’t miss these five spots the next time you’re cleaning your rig. They get used almost all the time!

Keep your steering wheel clean. Photo via iRV2 member Quietwater
1. The steering wheel

Your steering wheel has hands all over it constantly. This becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, dirt, and germs. It’s worth wiping off at least once a day to keep it nice and clean.

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2. RV latch/door handles
RV door handle. Photo via iRV2 Member tamead

These handles are easy to forget but after opening & closing your door throughout the day, they collect dirt a lot faster than you might think. Wiping them thoroughly at least 2 or 3 times a week is the best way to ensure they will stay clean.

3. Your laptop
Photo by kaboompics on Pexels

Whether you work online, or you just check your e-mail and read articles on Do It Yourself RV, the keyboard and touchpad collect dirt & bacteria like crazy. Try wiping your computer down at least once a week and avoid eating while in use to keep it crumb-free and pristine.

4. Pillows
Keep your pillows clean. Photo via Air Forums

Keeping your pillow clean is essential—after all, your face is on it every night. Pillow covers are helpful, but most pillows themselves can be thrown in the washing machine every couple of months to completely get rid of old skin cells and germs.

5. The fridge

Fridges can smell and get dirty quickly from old food and spills. Give your important appliance some TLC every couple of months by taking everything out and doing a deep cleaning. Make sure it’s clean of any sticky spots, crumbs, and that none of your food has gone way past its expiration date.

Wipe up any spilled food. Photo via Flickr Creative Commons
CC BY-SA 2.0
It’s the inside of my fridge. by Loozrboy is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

What are some other easy-to-miss spots that should be cleaned more often in an RV? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

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