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RV Drying Rack Mod: Worn Umbrella to Air Dry Laundry

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Credit James Wojick
Credit James Wojick

When it comes to drying laundry in a RV it usually is left up to some kind of  RV drying rack unless your one of the select few with an in unit dryer. Many RV’ers choose to purchase an aftermarket RV drying rack or build a custom version that takes some level of skill and craftsmanship. This RV mod takes very little in the way of expertise but it makes up for it with creativity.  All that is required is a worn out umbrella of some variety. Simply cut away the fabric exposing the skeleton of the umbrella. Then flip it upside down and mount it using a hook or string to your RV awning, door handle, or any other waist level or higher surface. Be sure to consider clothes pins for the more delicate items to avoid damaging your clothes. And Viola! You have repurposed a throw away umbrella into a RV drying rack that is extremely easy to use. Portability and cost are the two big selling points with this RV idea. For the grand total of zero dollars and zero cents you will have created a functional and compact way to dry your clothes when on the open road!




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