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RV Fitness Regimen For Everyone: Get or Stay in Shape on the Road

rv-fitness-2We are nearly full time RVer’s like a lot of you, it is hard to come up with ways to get exercise into the daily routine. Personally I am a fitness fanatic and like to make sure I get some type of exercise every day. We have 2 dogs that need to be walked and exercised and that helps get some walking in every day. Most days that is not enough for me so I have come up with a list of exercises that don’t require any equipment and you can do in your RV or outside in the great outdoors. All these fitness activities are appropriate for both women and men, though I know that some guys may refute that! Each activity has a video example so you can see exactly how to perform it safely.

RV Fitness Activity 1:  Squats

A squat primarily targets your thighs and buttocks but it also works the hamstrings and the lower back. Make this a slow controlled movement. Start with 10 repetitions.


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RV Fitness Activity 2: Wall Push Ups

These primarily target arms, chest and shoulders. Start with 10 repetitions.



RV Fitness Activity 3: Static Lunges

This exercise primarily targets the glutes, hips and thighs. 10 repetitions then switch to left leg forward and repeat


RV Fitness Activity 4: Standing Crossover Crunch

This exercise works the oblique’s from a standing position and will help improve your balance. Keep the movement slow and controlled to get the best benefit for your abs. Do not swing your arms to your knee, use your abs to squeeze forward and touch your elbow to your knee. 10 repetitions each leg as a starting point.


RV Fitness Activity 5: Chair Dips

This simple exercise works the back of your arms. 20 repetitions



RV Fitness Activity 6: Leg Lifts

This exercise develops strength in the glutes and is great for overall leg health and balance. There are several variations to this exercise that target different muscles in the leg. For this article we are focusing on the lifting your leg out to the side. This movement should be controlled and slow. Do 10 repetitions each leg. The video below is for the guys. It has a masculine tone but it works for both men and women!


RV Fitness Activity 7: Walking

Get out doors and enjoy the sights and breathe some fresh air. Taking a 10 minute walk is great for your overall health, including mental health. Try to be aware of your surroundings. The trees, birds, flowers….I have seen some magnificent sights because I keep my eyes wide open. The other tip I have is listen to the sounds of nature. I do not listen to music when I walk or run. Another important fact about getting out and walking is it allows for you to have time to yourself. Everyone needs me time, take advantage of it!

Do this work out 3 or 4 times per week and you will be on your way to a healthier you. Until next time get out and move! If you are looking for even more RV fitness information, you should check out the FitRV Blog.


If you are looking for ways to add some variety and maybe a little fun into your workout then you may consider these fitness accessories. Try a Jump Rope,  Resistance Bands, and/or Kettle Bells. If you need a little extra motivation then you might consider exercise DVD’s. There is a huge variety of work out DVD’s available on the market.  Dancing, Yoga, stretching exercises, and other options.  I would be careful not to choose one that required a lot of jumping for use in an RV.  Ceiling height & stability issues when used in an RV could be an issue.

The one thing holding you back is your own mind…..the word can’t is between your ears!

A quick note: I am currently training for my first marathon which is happening in Spokane, WA in June 2014. You can follow along with my progress on Facebook or 
email questions
. I will be posting my daily training work outs and progress. I welcome cheers and comments during my journey!

About the Author

Teresa Owen is a health and fitness advocate who travels the US with her husband in a Silverado pickup with thier 27′ travel trailer. They share the driving duties, though Teresa seems to do more than her fair share. Maps are not something the gets along with, but they make it work. Teresa travels with her 2 dogs Jo (Black Lab) and Rocky (Airedale)…..yes we all fit in the trailer!

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