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RV Flag Poles: DIY Designs, Options, Kits and Ideas

rv-flag-poles-featuredThere are not many ways to voice your patriotism, support, or allegiances more so than hanging a flag for all to see. The flag has been used for thousands of years as a effective way of non verbal communication. Why should RV’s be any different? There is something special about a flag riding high in the wind and if you are looking to install RV flag poles to get a flag in the air for your next RV trip then you are in the right place.
We will outline the many designs, options, and ideas around displaying flags on and around your RV campsite. The goal is to show you the array of RV flag poles so you can choose what works best for your specific needs.

The Basic RV Flag Pole Setup Includes:

  • The Actual Flag Pole (Telescoping, PVC, or Standard)
  • Mounting Hardware (Ground, Tire, Ladder, or Side of the RV)
  • Lighting (Ground, Pole, or Top Mounted) *Optional

The important thing to remember with RV flag poles is that all the pieces need to be of the same diameter. For example, if you choose a 1.5” flagpole, then you need a 1.5” mounting kit and a 1.5” lighting kit.

RV Flag Pole Mounting Options


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Campsite Ground Mounted RV Flag Poles

Many RV’ers aren’t interested in mounting the RV flag pole to their rig. They prefer to have a setup that is freestanding. In that case this handy design from Will Nelsonsee the light in action is a great choice. This RV flag pole uses mostly PVC pipe and fittings. It does require a piece of rebar as well to anchor it to the ground. The best part about this design is that it goes up and comes down quickly. It also is very easy to store due to its size. The flag pole should only cost around $10 in materials unless you also want to add lights (who wouldn’t?), which will run you an additional $20 or so. As you can see from the photo here, the added solar light at night is a neat touch. All you need to do is find a solar light that can attach to your RV flag pole.

Download the materials list and diagram for assembly.


rv-flag-poles-ladder-2Ladder Mounted RV Flag Poles

This is one of the most popular options that RV owners choose if they have a ladder. Using specialized brackets that attach to the ladder, you can mount a telescoping RV flag pole that can be setup and taken down quickly and easily. The most popular mounting kit is called the RV Flag Pole Buddy.

Additionally you could choose to remove your ladder and use the mounts that remain to mount your flag pole as shown here.

rv-flag-poles-tire-footTire Foot RV Flag Poles

If you aren’t excited about the hassle of a mounting kit with screws and clips, perhaps a tire foot RV flag pole is for you. This concept is simple. This kit comes with pole that connects to a flat metal plate that you let the RV drive over which keeps it securely mounted to the ground. Many companies make these but one of the most popular for RV’s is made by Camco.


rv-flag-poles-hitchHitch Mounted RV Flag Poles

If you have a motorhome or truck with an available trailer hitch then you have the option of mounting your flag pole there. This kit just takes a pre-fabricated piece metal tubing and welds it do a trailer hitch insert. Once installed you can set your flag pole inside it and enjoy! There are also many versions of this mounting kit for trailer hitches, again we like the one from Camco.


 rv-flag-poles-bracketRV or Awning Brackets

For a permanent but low cost installation of your RV flag pole, some RV owners consider mounting a bracket on their awning or on the side of the RV. This installation tends to be lower cost as the flag pole is typically much shorter than the other options listed here. In addition the mounting bracket is only a few dollars. You can mount these brackets nearly anywhere.


The Telescoping RV Flag Poles

This is the basis for a majority of installations. There are dozens of options here that vary from diameter to length to construction material. Be mindful of the diameter and the length. Both of which play a role in getting your RV flag pole installation to work as you intended.

See the many telescoping options available.

RV Flag Pole Solar Lighting

Lighting RV flag poles gives a unique feel to your flag in the dark. Some of the most striking view of flags can be seen at night. It is relatively easy to light your flag as it turns to dark without wires using a solar lighting kit.

Top of Flagpole Light


This option mounts to the top of your flag pole and lights the area directly underneath it. A great option for larger poles and flags. Example

Pole Mounted Light


This lighting kit mounts to the pole itself anywhere along its length. It gives maximum flexibility to charge from the sun and for you to choose the direction of the lighting. Example.

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