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How To Keep Fleas Out Of Your RV And Off Of Your Pet – These 6 Ways

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

Pets make road trips more fun but fleas in the RV don’t. As the weather heats up and these blood-sucking parasites try to hitchhike all over your dog or cat’s fur, now is the time to follow these six easy steps to keep fleas off your pet and out of your home on wheels.

Keeping fleas away doesn’t require toxic chemicals.

Avoid fleas in the RV
Rene Agredano

1. Don’t feed cheap pet food

We are what we eat and so are our pets. If your dog or cat has dry, scaly skin odds are their diet is probably lacking quality nutrients they need to thrive. The end result is a pet with a poor skin and coat that attracts hungry fleas. Pay the extra money for premium pet food now to boost their health later. Good nutrition helps their bodies ward off parasites when the weather warms up.

2. Avoid chemical flea medications

This advice seems contrary to preventing fleas in the RV. After all, topical flea products do kill parasites. But did you know that their ingredients are so toxic that you’re not supposed to touch your pet’s fur wherever you’ve applied the solution? If it’s not safe for you to touch, why would it be safe for your pets or in your home? Keep these products out of the close quarters of your RV and fight fleas in the RV with eco-friendly products.

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Safer flea repellants won’t harm you or your pet. Cedar oil prevents fleas in the RV naturally.

Cedar oil prevents fleas in the RV

3. Apply cedar oil

Even the healthiest pets can benefit from a safe flea repellant. For maximum safety, choose a flea repellant product made with cedar oil. Cedar oil works as a pheromone interruption agent that impairs the insect’s mental capacity and repels them away from you and your pet. It can be sprayed inside the RV, on bedding, your pet and you without any adverse side effects or health risks.

4. Groom your pet often

Brushing and bathing isn’t just great quality time together with our pets, it’s also a good way to check for broken skin and fleas. Use a flea comb every week to scan your pet’s fur in case any parasites have made a home under the surface.

5. Keep a clean RV

Keep your pet’s bedding washed to minimize the risk of fleas in the RV. And since skin constantly sloughs off into your RV carpet, it turns your floors into a buffet for hungry fleas if you don’t vacuum regularly. If you suspect fleas are becoming a problem, throw out the vacuum bag every time you clean or they’ll just crawl right out and start reproducing.

Shake this and watch those parasites run! Food-grade diatomaceous earth kills fleas.

Diatomaceous earth prevents fleas in the RV

6. Diatomaceous Earth won’t let fleas in the RV either.

A few wayward fleas in the RV can cause a total infestation in just hours. If the flea circus arrives, sprinkle food-grade pet-friendly diatomaceous earth into your pet’s cleaned bedding, your carpets and into crevices around the rig where fleas can come in.

This eco-friendly substance found in nature is 100 percent safe for pets and humans. The microscopic crystals within diatomaceous earth kill fleas by cutting up their exoskeletons then sucking out the body’s moisture. In seconds, the flea is dead. It does the same work on cockroaches, ants and other annoying insects so feel free to sprinkle it around your RV’s tires too.

Summertime doesn’t have to mean fleas in the RV and a chemical soup of toxic ingredients. Think holistically before parasites become a problem and your pet, your home and health will be safer because of it.

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