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The 5 Best RV Gate Ideas For Your Driveway

Wood sliding RV gate - RV gate ideas feature image
These RV gate ideas will keep your rig secure. Photo: StandardGates on Etsy

5 RV Gate Ideas You Can Build At Home

RVs are a hot commodity these days, and if you have one, consider yourself lucky. However, having an RV can also make you a target for thieves. Some may be after RV parts (such as the coveted catalytic converter), but some may be after the entire rig.

If you park your RV in your yard or next to your home or garage, the idea of an RV gate may have crossed your mind. In fact, an entire driveway gate may be in your plans.

What is an RV gate?

An RV gate is similar to a driveway gate in that it will enclose either your side yard, RV driveway, or parking space. These types of gates also provide more privacy and hide your rig away from the street or neighborhood HOA.

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According to Farmers Insurance, having a high gate or high fence in any capacity around your home is a deterrent to thieves. This is especially true for thieves who are scoping out homes for items that are easy to rob.

RV gates are a little different than driveway gates. Not only do they need to be integrated into a side yard or behind a house, but they also need to be the correct size to fit your RV through them. The good thing is RV gates can be made of any material that a driveway gate is made of. These materials include wood, steel, wrought iron, aluminum, or composite.

Swing open gates in a driveway
Swing gates are less expensive than sliding gates, but you need room for the doors to open. Photo: StandardGates

Types of gates

RV gates are typically between 6 and 12 feet wide. There are four types of driveway and RV gates. These include sliding (or rolling) gates, swing gates, dual opening gates, and folding gates. Each of these gates opens in different ways, and what you can install will depend on how much space you have and your budget.

Sliding gates are the most expensive types to install. They slide along a track or wheels and the stationary section will not open. These gates are best for very wide parking spaces that are level and don’t have a lot of space around to swing open.

The less expensive swing and dual opening gates take up more space as they open, but they can open inward or outward as long as there are no obstacles or major elevation changes.

While they might not be the most secure, folding gates can be less expensive than sliding or swinging gates. Folding gates are utilitarian and can act as a theft deterrent, but they are usually a lot less attractive than the gates listed above.

Most sliding and swing gates can be set up to be automatic. With a keypad, remote control, or phone app, these gates can automatically open when you want to leave or park your rig after a weekend away. Automatic gate opener kits can be installed as a DIY project for around $500-$900.

If you are looking for some ideas for your own RV gate, take a look at these options that integrate both style and sensibility into the ultimate security device.

RV Gate Ideas

1. RV gate with pedestrian gate

If you frequently need to access the area where your RV is stored, you may want to add a pedestrian gate to your driveway gate. This enables you to open up a portion of the gate without having to open all the doors.

This gate by Action Gates in Arizona provides security and privacy for an entire side yard. It is a stylish and lockable personal gate for easy access to both the RV and RV parking space.

RV gate with pedestrian access
Action Gates

2. Driveway gate

If you’re going to add a gate to your home to protect your RV, consider building a driveway gate to protect your entire property. This will depend entirely on how your driveway and yard are set up and where you actually park your RV. The type of gate you choose will also depend on the amount of space and type of driveway you have.

3. Aluminum high tech gate

The options in contemporary gates are really amazing. The high tech gates installed by Mulholland Brand not only look cool, but they are made of the lightest materials available. These types of gates don’t rust and are more environmentally friendly.

The horizontal profiles of these types of gates can remain open for more airflow, but can also be installed at a 45-degree angle for more privacy.

Aluminum gate from Mulholland Brand
Mulholland Brand

4. Smart Gate Openers

Mighty Mule makes some of the most popular smart gate openers available. Their automatic openers for swing gates can be controlled and monitored from the Mighty Mule app and the MMS100 Wireless Connectivity System up to 1/2 a mile from the gate. The openers are available as DIY kits and are both electric and solar power compatible.

Smart gate opener from Mighty Mule
Mighty Mule

5. Budget Tubular Barrier Gate

If privacy is not that important to you, maybe a tubular barrier gate will keep your RV a little safer. Tubular gates are some of the least expensive options available. Made of galvanized tubing, these gates can be installed as a DIY project and come in different styles. They can also be painted with welder’s paint to match your home or other fencing.

Tubular barrier gate at driveway entrance
Hoover Fence

Find more RV gate ideas

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