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What RV Gear Would You Buy If You Were Given $1,000 to Spend?

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Crowd at the California RV Show
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If you had an extra $1,000 just to spend on RV gear, what would you buy?

Imagine you’re walking the aisles at a major RV show ogling all the new RVs.

Suddenly, a glad-handed sales rep from a major RV manufacturer comes up to you.

He’s smiling ear to ear of course, and tells you that it’s your lucky day, you’ve been selected as the winner of a $1,000 online shopping spree.

You’ve got an hour to choose what you want, but it has to be RV-related, and something that you would use fairly regularly.

You can get as many products as long as the total comes out to less than $1,000.

Let’s use the prices at Amazon’s RV gear shop as a guide (they have most things) but don’t get caught up in the details – really I’m asking you what RV gear you’ve got your eye on!

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10 thoughts on “What RV Gear Would You Buy If You Were Given $1,000 to Spend?”

  1. Surge protector convertor
    Replace all bulbs to LED
    New Flooring- replace this carpet!
    Induction cooktop.

  2. Heated and insulated water, tank and sewer connections.
    Standalone electric heater.
    Heated Mattress Pad.
    We’re transitioning to Fulltiming it.
    In Denver.
    In December.

    We’re going to need ALL THE HEATED THINGS!!!

  3. The practical side of me would put the money towards a solar install. It’s a constant battle to keep my batteries charged while in storage and would open up boondocking opportunites. The let’s-splurge side of me would enjoy a selection from the following:
    – Powered 50A cord rewind reel
    – 50A wired-in surge protector
    – Remote controlled MCD shades for my 2 primary windows and/or front side windows
    – Induction cooktop
    – the mini Breville Toaster oven–some things just don’t cook right in the convection microwave
    – a supplementary high-volume water filter system

  4. I would buy an RV to live in. Right now, it’s what I need most and what I’m saving for. I currently live in a tent.

  5. Well to go off my list I would get for my Evergreen Ever Lite is as follows, slider topper, ladder, LED lighting for under the awning and a 5000 watt generator.
    that should get me real close to the $1000.00

  6. I would have the decals removed and have new decals painted on. I bought my rig 10 years ago and put 85,000 miles on it.

  7. Just bought our first Class A. ….A 2015 a forest River Solera 24R.

    my checklist still includes…
    Additional camera for safety
    Hitch rack for kayaks
    Led lantern for picnic table use
    Dog playpen for our Westie
    inverter surge protector

    we’ll go through empty nest syndrome in 2 years. Getting ready now.

  8. Since we have just purchased our first 5th wheel and it is gently used, we have been looking at things to get us going since we are going to be full timing it:
    1. a converter surge protector
    2. a couple of sets of lights for the outside of the camper
    3. a set of LED lighting for the outside
    4. Outdoor carpet
    5. heated water hose
    6. induction cooktop to cut down on propane useage

    Thanks for letting me dream.

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