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8 Simple Headboard Ideas For Your RV’s Bed

If you’ve ever really looked around inside a few RVs, you’ve probably noticed there are certain things they tend to lack. For instance, many RV couches are without arms, the kitchen sinks lack sprayers, and perhaps most noticeable of all, there are never headboards included on the beds.

While this does leave the wall looking pretty bare, it also gives RV owners an empty canvas to work with.  It allows you to take your RV’s bedroom to the next level and for your creativity and individuality to shine through.

Of course, the first step in this project is deciding what kind of headboard you’d like to have. Fortunately, there are tons of options to choose from. The options below are some of our favorite ideas for RV beds.

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1. Frames

Whether you decide to fill the frames with photos of family and friends, artwork, or something as simple as scrapbook paper or fabric, this idea is sure to be a cute addition to your RV’s bedroom.

Your picture frames can be matching or varied, depending on your tastes. Fill each frame with the photo, art, fabric, or paper of your choice, and hang them on the wall behind your bed using Scotch Command Strips.

This idea also works well with canvas artwork, so feel free to switch things up using art you find in galleries or home decor stores.

2. Wall mirrors

Looking for a way to open up the room and reflect the light? A mirror headboard could be just the solution. Simply hang a wall mirror or a series of smaller mirrors on the wall behind your bed using Command strips or hooks.

Just be sure the hanging agent you choose can hold the weight of your mirror(s). Additionally, you will want to keep the weight of the new headboard in mind when calculating the total weight of your rig.

3. Corkboard

Because RVs tend to be limited on space, some of the best RV items out there are multi-functional. That’s why we love this cork board headboard idea.

Photo by Stylish Revamp

Just hang a framed corkboard behind your bed and you’ll have a nifty headboard that can be used for displaying artwork and photos, or for reminding you of upcoming appointments.

4. Ribbon board

If the cork board idea isn’t frilly enough for you, you might prefer a ribbon board instead.

Ribbon board
Image source: YouTube

Not only are these boards pretty and functional, but they are also pretty darn easy to make.  Watch this video to learn how to make your own:

5. Wall decal or paint

Perhaps the simplest solution to the headboard dilemma is a wall decal or new coat of paint. This solution is also nearly weightless, making it the perfect option for RVers who are trying to keep the weight of their motorhome or trailer as low as possible.

Headboard decals can be ordered on Amazon, Etsy, or from almost any wall decal company out there.  Alternatively, you can use masking tape to create a nice geometric pattern using wall paint.

6. Hang a quilt

Every RVer could use more storage space. This is especially true when it comes to storage for bulky items such as blankets and quilts.

Why not use a quilt for your headboard? Not only is this a clever storage solution, but it’s a great way to display a favorite quilt. To hang your quilt, simply hang a heavy-duty curtain rod above the bed and hang a quilt over the rod. Need to use your quilt for a bit? Just remove it from the wall and snuggle up.

7. Pocket organizer

Several years ago we learned how awesome a hanging fabric pocket organizer makes for a headboard. We still highly recommend this solution to RVers because it is lightweight, easy on the eyes, and a great place to store small items.

RV headboard
Image source: YouTube

Try altering a shoe organizer or file organizer to suit your needs, or sew one yourself using the instructions in this video:

8. Framed chalkboard

What could be more fun than changing the look of your bedroom on a daily basis? With a chalkboard headboard, you can do just that in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is find a large chalkboard and hang it on the wall at the head of your bed.

Add small touches (like flowers) to the frame if you wish, and be sure to invest in some chalk so you can season your new chalkboard and draw a new bedroom backdrop whenever the urge may strike.


With so many amazing DIY headboard ideas, we can’t imagine how you will pick just one. However, we are sure that whichever one you choose, your bedroom will be brighter because of it.