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These 6 RV-Friendly Houseplants Will Spice Up Your Living Space

There are certain things you give up when you move into an RV, such as closet space, a washer & dryer, a full-size refrigerator, and a bathtub. But having beautiful flowers in your home is not something you need to surrender. These colorful houseplants are versatile enough that they will do well living on the road with you.

1. Peperomia

Peperomia is a delightfully easy-to-grow plant with several varieties that remain small, making it perfect for RV spaces. Simply find the plant a spot that gets a good amount of sunlight and occasionally water it.

Jerzy Opiola/Wikimedia
Jerzy Opioła, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There are numerous species of peperomias:

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  • the red ripple peperomia has reddish-purple leaves that are deeply textured
  • the jelly peperomia has large green leaves edged in cream and pink
  • the Columbian peperomia has bronze-purple leaves with a metallic-silver stripe
  • and the belly button peperomia has little dark green leaves
2. African Violet

African violets are lovely, long-lived houseplants that truly prefer to be indoors to do well. They thrive in moderate, indirect light indoors with moist soil.


Being native to Tanzania and Kenya, these plants like a warmer environment of 65°F to 75°F, so it’s best to keep them away from cold breezy areas of the RV. African violets come in assortment shades of purple to pink and have finely haired leaves.

3. Air plants

Air plants are like living art pieces, without the need to be delicate around them. These are foolproof plants that are not only low maintenance but don’t even need soil to grow!

Better Homes and Gardens

They call all kinds of objects (aka pots) home. All they need to flourish is filtered sunlight and a good watering every 10 – 14 days (best way to water them is to submerge them for 12 hours).

4. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe plants have vibrant star-shaped flowers that bloom from winter through the springtime. Although when the plant isn’t flowering, its thick scalloped leaves are also attractive.


Kalanchoes prefer the full light through a south-facing window in the winter but can be moved to receive indirect light in the summer. Allow your kalanchoe to become dry between waterings, and plant it in well-drain soil and pots.

5. Copper Spoons

Copper Spoons—also known as Cinnamon Bear or Leather Plant—is a unique succulent plant that has leaves with a bronze to gray color on its underside while the top is felted with cinnamon colored hairs.

via Ayanas

It brightens a household in late winter to early spring when its chartreuse flowers appear and stay bloomed for a long time. The Copper Spoon plant isn’t hard to grow—it prefers full sun, not a lot of water, and likes temperatures above 55°F.

6. Begonia

Bring nature indoors with potted begonia plants. There are several types of begonias that chosen for their beautiful bright flowers while other begonias are grown for their decorative, textured, and sometimes colorful leaves.


Caring for begonias only requires a few minutes of attention each week. Place your begonia plants in bright, indirect light and make sure not to overwater them.

What are some of your favorite plants to grow in your rig? We’d love to hear your suggestions below.

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