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What Does The RV Lifestyle Mean To You?

Having an RV lifestyle can mean something different to you than it does to me.

To me, it means living in an RV and traveling with the RV fairly often, probably going south for the winter and north for the summer. It means that I will live in the RV full-time and can move around when I choose and my home goes with me. I probably wouldn’t have another home such as a house or an apartment that I would return to in-between my travels.

RV lifestyle
Winter camping. Photo via Flickr

To someone else, living an RV lifestyle may mean having the ability to jump in their RV from their home base whenever they choose and heading out on the road. They have a permanent home to return to regularly or it’s waiting for them whenever they wish to move back in. It’s a method of travel to enjoy while taking them on a particular journey or purpose.

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To some who live the RV lifestyle, it just means they can follow their job or be part of a group who enjoy activities around the country such as following the car racing tours or the rodeo circuit. Maybe they want to fish in every lake and having an RV allows them to travel to each one—a very ambitious goal, by the way. The RV is actually secondary to why they are living the RV lifestyle. It’s just a means to an end.

There are generally five types of RVers, including:


It’s common to hear retirees or those planning their retirement talk about their plans of living the RV lifestyle, selling their homes and having a life of travel. They’ve worked and saved all their lives, raised their families, are still healthy and now want to experience a different lifestyle than what they’ve been doing the past 20+ years.


More and more I hear of families who are on the road in their RVs with children who are school-aged and they have chosen the RV lifestyle as a way to connect more as a family or to explore their own country. They don’t want a traditional lifestyle that is normally expected of them and the whole family may have agreed and chosen this method of living their lives.

Having a dream—whether it’s living in an RV full-time or doing something completely different usually means there are roadblocks or obstacles that have to be faced to make the dream become a reality.

It might be financial, health issues, or family responsibilities that are preventing a person from living the life they want. It’s not being realistic to say that every obstacle can be overcome. That’s being unfair. But, sometimes we make it difficult for ourselves to follow our dreams just because it may be difficult.

If it’s finances preventing someone from living in an RV and traveling, and if that’s what they want to do, then the solution is to find a way to support the lifestyle.

How do they do that? Work, save every dime you can and then head out. Or as in the case of many RVers, they work while traveling or they have an independent location, job, or business which allows them to travel and work at the same time. They have figured out a way to do it because it’s important to them.

RV lifestyle
A great workspace. Photo by iRV2 Forums member marknpeg

One thing to remember when choosing a way of living your life is that nothing has to be permanent. Living the RV lifestyle happily today doesn’t mean it has to be for the rest of your life. If it’s something you want to experience and try, then do it—you can always change your mind or decide it’s not for you. If it’s important to you, you have at least tried it.

Remember, living the RV lifestyle means something different to everyone. There’s no right or wrong way. If living the RV lifestyle is important to you, then make every attempt to do it. Don’t have any regrets.

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2 thoughts on “What Does The RV Lifestyle Mean To You?”

  1. Well, I am a retiree and a full timer, so now it is coming down to the point where it is getting much harder to find an RV Park that takes monthly’s and if they do, at lest 90 % of the parks are so outrageous on the price that the little guys out here find it hard to pay their prices. Plus the prices of the RVs themselves are no little matter either especially one that is 4 season and built well enough to stand the traveling as much as the full timer does travel. Then the prices of the parts are not getting any cheaper, the cost of repairing the RVs are getting outrageous. So it looks like the industry is just looking out for the $$’s and not the customers anymore. Take a look at the tires also. Sorry that I sound bitter but.

  2. Moving back to the States from the Caribbean, might want to go with RVers here and there for short times, like being crew on a sailboat—

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