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RV Light from a Candle Made of Crisco

Show me an idea to turn a somewhat dull kitchen staple into man’s greatest invention (Fire) and chances are you have my attention. That’s the case with this RV light idea from Any size container of Crisco Vegetable Shortening and a candle wick will allow you to create a source of light that will burn for days and possibly weeks. Literally! A Crisco RV Candle, who knew?

RV Light RV Candle Crisco

Materials Needed:

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How to make your very own RV Light from Crisco

Step 1. Open your Tub of Crisco Vegetable Shortening and smooth out the top of the contents.

Step 2.  Cut your candle wicks to the appropriate size (Make them 1/4″ longer than would be needed to make it to the Crisco level).

Step 3. Place 1-4 candle wicks as preferred (be aware that 4 will make a lot of light, heat, and smoke) into the Crisco spaced evenly apart. You can string the wick through a straw to insert the candle wicks into the Crisco without making a mess.

Step 4. Light and Enjoy.

  • Tip: Warmer the better for the Crisco. Its quite thick when your placing the wicks in if your in colder temperatures. If you can warm it up some how it makes it easier to work with.

This was not tested by but apparently a 160z Crisco with ONE candle wick placed to the bottom will burn for up to 100 hours. That’s incredible if you think about it and makes this a handy thing to have around your rig for general RV lighting purposes and in the case of an emergency. When your done using your custom made RV light /candle simply put out the flame, cover your Crisco, and it will solidify to be ready for storage.

Crisco actually makes a 3lb size which means that you could potentially have enough to burn a wick for weeks. Alternatively you could burn multiple wicks for days!




2 thoughts on “RV Light from a Candle Made of Crisco”

  1. So can you just get some candles from say a dollar store and stick them down in the crisco can? Would it be more cost effective?

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