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RV Mod: Cabinet Door Message Board Idea

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A Very Handy Follow Up RV Mod: A dry-erase board/ chalkboard can turn any cabinet door into a convenient message center. You can find adhesive backed whiteboard and chalkboard vinyl at school supply stores, online and in some office supply chains. I prefer the removable and reusable versions but there are also permanent variations available. This material happens to be great for all different RV mod applications. This is a follow up post to one we made recently regarding using the chalkboard vinyl on a fridge which as it turns out you could use the whiteboard vinyl as well.

This material is very easy to install:

1. Cut the piece to fit (use a square or some other guided edge for cutting)

2. Remove adhesive paper on the back

3. Place on the surface and be mindful of the bubbles that can develop that are typically removed with a credit card or other type hard eged item. If you purchase the reusable version you can pull off and start again.

Both versions are made of vinyl and are very simple to care for once installed.  All it takes is a damp towel to clean this surface and in seconds your on to your next reminder message with your new RV mod.

Whiteboard Option

Whitboard Option – Reusable

Chalkboard Option – Reusable


A quick video to show you how it even sounds like a chalkboard when it writes and erases like one too!




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