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Save Space By Storing Foil And Plastic Wrap Inside RV Cabinets

Aluminum foil and plastic wrap are perpetually annoying to get out of drawers and they take up valuable space in those drawers or cabinets. Often times, you may have to bend over or crouch down in order to dig them out from under the counter.

We were just shown this clever idea that should alleviate that. Assuming that your RV cabinets are not already spoken for, this idea can free up your drawer space and make access to your foil and plastic wrap much easier.

All this idea requires is a few self-adhesive hooks that you can find at Wal-Mart, on, or at any other big box retailer. They shouldn’t run more than $10 for a set of 4.  These hooks, which are typically used for hanging keys, pet leashes, or utensils can easily be converted into a clever way to store the foil in your RV.

As you can see from the photos, the hooks are turned to the side almost like a paper towel holder, spaced far enough apart to fit your foil and wrap cartons. Before the cartons go on the hooks, you need to notch out an area on each end for the hooks to hold onto the foil and plastic wrap cartons, without inhibiting the dispensing function.

The best part about this RV mod is that it need not be in your cabinets. We used it on the inside of the cabinet doors next to where we prepare food, but this could just as easily be mounted on the backsplash or the side of a fridge. We also decided to add a few more hooks to hold our freezer and sandwich bags which freed up even more space in the drawers.

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