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Try These Easy RV Mods For Pets

Must-Have Accessories For RVers With Pets

Keeping pets happy and safe on RV camping trips is essential. While we’d never camp without our dogs, there are some easy, inexpensive RV mods that will help keep them comfortable. In this article, I’ll share easy RV mods you can do for dogs and/or cats without breaking the bank.

Install a screen door protector

Dog-owning RVers will know how vulnerable an RV screen door is to damage from enthusiastic paws. Screens are easy to replace, but who wants to replace a screen when they can avoid it?

That being said, an RV screen door protector can help save your RV door from damage if your dog paws at it. What’s more, RV screen door protectors come in a variety of styles, from decorative to industrial/utilitarian. They install to any RV screen door very easily with just four screws and minimal skills.

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Spill-proof water bowls

Some RV mods are easier than others. Those who travel in a motorized RV with a pet or two will appreciate being able to offer water to them while in motion. Spill-proof water bowls like the Petmate No Spill Bowl keep messes to a minimum by keeping the water contained in the bowl.

Get a cat cave

Many cats love to have a cozy cat cave to snuggle in while they partake in family RV camping trips. Snuggling in a cat cave helps them feel safe and secure. To get them used to it, introduce the cat cave at home so that your cat can explore it and make it their own before you put it in the RV.

Use washable non-slip rugs and mats

If your feet are cold, your pet’s feet are cold too. Washable, non-slip area rugs help warm toes and paws on chilly mornings while protecting floors and rugs in the RV. They also catch an amazing amount of sand, dirt, and mud. However, many rugs are easy to shake clean, vacuum, or wash when needed.

Mud-catching microfiber doormat

Microfiber doormats resemble the shag carpets of old, with one big difference. These mats are made up of thirsty microfiber filaments that absorb moisture, dirt, and sand from dirty paws.

They can be shaken out at the end of the day and thrown in the washing machine at the end of the week. They are a real work saver for anyone who travels with a dog.

dog outside RV, feature image for easy RV mods for pets
Pets are part of the RV experience for more than 60% of RVers. Photo from Shutterstock

Set up a grooming station near the outdoor shower

It’s easy to set up a small dog bathing station by the outdoor shower of your RV. Keep bathing supplies like shampoo, coat conditioners, a few microfiber towels, and other grooming tools in a caddy. Lay a 5×8 woven plastic mat on the ground to protect freshly bathed paws from dirt and mud.

Use Ruffwear Dirtbag Dog Towels

The Ruffwear Dirtbag Dog Towel combines an inner liner of soft, moisture- and mud-absorbing microfiber towel with a waterproof outer layer to keep messes contained.

The Dirtbag is oversized, so moisture and mess don’t get transferred from the dog into your RV or tow vehicle. Not only that, but these dog towels also come in handy for drying your dog off after a bath. They hang up to dry very quickly and easily pack into a mesh bag until next time they’re needed.

Catnip Plant Pods

Most cats love fresh catnip at home. Having a Click And Grow Indoor Garden on your RV travels can help you to make sure your cat is never deprived of this favorite feline activity, even on the road.

Click And Grow Gardens use space-age technology to grow many different plants including catnip. Furthermore, a Click And Grow Garden fits neatly into small spaces and requires very little know-how, maintenance, or electricity. This is an easy RV mod that can also be used to grow your favorite vegetables too.

Make a fenced yard with portable exercise pens

Dogs need to be contained when we are RV camping, even when they’re the most friendly dogs in the world. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy some off-leash playtime.

Multiple portable dog exercise pens can be linked together to create a safe space for your dog. That being said, you should always check with the RV park to make sure they are okay with you setting up portable fencing before you make reservations. While most parks have no problem with them, RV park policies vary, and a few have rules that don’t allow you to set up dog exercise pens.

Set up a Waggle Temperature Monitor

RVs get hot quickly when it’s warm out. When we’re away from the campsite taking in the local sights or events, we can’t always bring our pets along. Instead, we usually have to leave them in the RV and rely on the air conditioner to keep them comfortable and safe.

However, if the air conditioner stops working for any reason, we have little time to save our pets before the RV begins to heat up. That being said, it makes good sense to have a temperature monitoring system that keeps us up to speed with temperature changes in RV.

The Waggle RV Temperature Monitor provides users with RV temperature updates via an app on their phone. It’s a must-have accessory if you bring your pets along on your RV adventures.

Use a mesh bag to store toys

This is one of the easiest RV mods ever. A cotton string grocery bag gets your pet’s toys up off the floor and put away neatly at the end of the day.

Mesh shopping bags hold a surprising number of dog toys. They can be conveniently hung from S hooks in closets or stored wherever they are out of the way.

Get tips from other RVers

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