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RV Office Chair Stays In Place With This One Easy Mod

Even if you own a new RV, duct tape and bungee cords can sometimes be your best friend. We recently added an RV office chair on wheels to our RV bunkhouse workshop. Unfortunately the chair doesn’t stay in place when the road gets bumpy.

Two bungee cords keep your RV office chair in place!

RV office chair
Rene Agredano

Instead of laying it on the floor every time we packed up, our friends showed us this neat mod to prevent it from rolling around.

Secure Your RV Office Chair with Bungee Cords

You’ll need these items:

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  1. Two 24” long bungee cords
  2. Scissors
  3. Four screws
  4. Electric drill

You can’t see it, but the top of the bungee cord is drilled into place.

RV office chair
Rene Agredano
  • Grab one bungee cord and cut the hook off. Tie that end into a tight knot.
  • Repeat for the second bungee.
  • Examine underneath your RV office desk or table to find two sturdy spots that will accept screws. This may be behind the desk legs or underneath the edge of the desk. Avoid screwing into the actual RV wall, which may be too thin to support a tensioned bungee cord.
  • Mark the spot where you will attach the top end of the bungee cord. Repeat for the opposite side.
  • Scoot your RV office chair as close to the desk or table as possible.
  • Hold the knotted end of one bungee cord against the top hole marking. Then grab the hooked end of the bungee and stretch it out until it reaches the back of your RV office chair. Ensure there’s enough tension to secure your chair in place.

Ensure there’s enough tension to keep the chair from moving.

RV office chair
Rene Agredano
  • Move the chair out of the way, then grab the drill a screw and one bungee. Place the knot directly over the top drilling spot, then secure it by screwing into the desk. The knotted end of your bungee should now be attached just underneath your desk, with the hooked end free-flowing toward the bottom.
  • Repeat for the other bungee on the opposite side..
  • Put your chair back against the desk. Grab each hooked end of the dangling bungees and hook them to the back of your chair to keep it in place.
  • Once you know the chair is secure, get it out of the way and allow each bungee to dangle. Next, mark a spot just below the free-hanging end. Drill a screw about 1/3 of the way into the desk. The protruding end will serve as a hook so you can attach each bungee cord and keep them out of the way while you’re stationary (see 2nd photo from top).

Your RV office chair no longer has a mind of its own!

RV office chair
Rene Agredano

The next time you hit the road, unhook the bungee cords from the screws and put your RV office chair in place. You’ll be happy with how it doesn’t move around and bang up your other RV furniture!

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