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RV Office Conversion: Good Bye RV Dinette

Many RV’s are created in a one size fits all profile. A more common profile of RV’er is that of the Full-Timer who works from their RV. Also known as workamping this lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately not many RV’s are setup with a RV office area to serve those needs. That’s why time and time again we see examples of RV owners converting their dinettes, bunk beds, and toy garages into functional RV office areas. Today on showcase is 2005 Jayco Eagle 325 owned by Jacq and Jeremy Davis.

RV Office Conversion: Good Bye RV Dinette – BEFORE


The couple decided to remove the dinette and convert that area into a RV office that would offer more functionality for their workamping lifestyle. The unique twist on this RV office is that the couple decided to go with IKEA furniture for the renovation. On the plus side IKEA does have some quality furniture but the lower end stuff wouldn’t last in a RV very long. Jacq and Jeremy decided to purchase some of the higher end offerings that offered sturdiness and also the stereotypical lightweight design that matches up perfectly for an RV.  The result is an RV office that offers plenty of storage and wiggle room. They used 2 sets of drawers and a modular IKEA desk. One of the clear benefits of using IKEA is most of their furniture is modular which allows more flexibility when integrating it into a RV than traditional RV furniture.


RV Office Conversion: Good Bye RV Dinette – AFTER


You can see more pictures on Jacq and Jeremy Davis’s blog

When it was all said and done the couple maintained full use of the dinette area not only for eating but now also for a RV office area equipped with file storage, drawers, and a comfortable place to work.  This area can now accommodate 2 people working in tandem without any struggle for elbow room or workspace.


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4 thoughts on “RV Office Conversion: Good Bye RV Dinette”

  1. Putty,

    We agree with you. But some people are strong willed and dont have a need for the extra sleeping space. Hopefully the dinette can be salvaged so that it could be replaced if sold. Alternatively, you could spend a little extra and get a modular designed desk that folds down into a bed like this one. Thanks for your comment!

  2. There is a problem- where is your sleeping spot you eliminated by removing the dinette? If you ever plan on selling the rv, the prospective buyer needs the workspace and forfeits an eating and sleeping spot…just saying.

  3. HI Frank! Thanks for your feedback. We agree that office conversions are interesting. We hear alot about them but not as many folks actually start the project. We will keep an eye out for other ideas on office conversions and get them posted for you.

  4. That looks amazing. That person looks active as well. I love the setup of the RV. I would like to see more articles on office conversion such as this one.

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