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RV Ottoman That Doubles as a Memory Foam Pull Out Bed

Furniture in an RV can be a challenge. Often times what comes with it out of the factory is all that it can hold. If you have the right floor plan, you may have room for a table, RV ottoman or other accessory in your living area. Space is limited – choose wisely! Adding an additional piece of furniture can add much needed functionality, and can fundamentally change the way you use your living space.


We have always been a fan of the ottoman. After all, it’s typically a great place to throw your feet up. Sometimes an ottoman has hidden storage compartments, too. But, like many of us, we have people stop over from time to time, maybe children, grandchildren, friends, or other family.

Most RV’s are only set up to sleep a select few comfortably overnight. Once you have filled that space, the next step is a rough night on the floor (or heaven forbid a tent).


After making new friends of our neighbors at an RV park recently, they were nice enough to give us a tour of their fifth wheel trailer. Inside to our surprise was an ottoman that was a little larger than ours. When we asked about it they pulled the cover off and unfolded it into a twin size bed.

Not just a thin, back-breaking bed, but what seemed to a be a comfortable mattress. They told us they purchased their RV ottoman at

RV Ottoman in Action

This RV ottoman doesn’t look like a traditional pull out bed. It has a steel frame that holds a memory foam mattress that’s 24.5″ x 29″ x 18″H closed and 75″L x 29″W x 8.5″H when opened. It can support up to 250lbs according to the manufacturer which should cover most guests. It has a cover that removes easily and comes in brown, burgundy, denim, linen, sage green, or black.

Our neighbors say they move the ottoman in and out of the RV quite a bit based on the trip and expected guests. They use it in their brick and mortar home as well when they need extra beds. Quite a useful piece of furniture!

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