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6 Reasons Why You Should Attend An RV Rally

One of the best parts about RVing is meeting amazing new people. You never know who you might run into in the next RV park, and many of the folks you meet have some pretty incredible stories to tell and skills to share.

In fact, we’ve had our fair share of campground friends offer to help us fix things, and we always make sure to offer our skills and tools when they’re needed.

Quartzsite Rally. Photo: RV Life
Quartzsite Rally. Photo via RV Life

Unfortunately, while finding friends in campgrounds is usually possible, it isn’t always easy to find people with the same interests as you, and that can make it difficult to make a deep connection. Not only that, but introverted travelers may be intimidated by the idea of knocking on a neighbor’s door just to say ‘hello’. This is where rallies step in.

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RV rallies happen year-round all across the US. There are rallies for families with kids who travel fulltime, rallies for people with common interests, and even rallies specifically for, say, Winnebago owners. No matter who you are, there is an RV rally for you, and here are some of the reasons you should make a point to attend.

1. Experience community

The most valuable thing a rally can offer is community. When traveling, it’s not unheard of to go weeks or even months without a really good friend, let alone an entire group of them.

RV rally
Photo by Fummins Family Roadtrip

Rallies bring together groups of like-minded people who enjoy the same sorts of activities and give them an entire weekend to socialize. Obviously, this builds community quite quickly, and often the rally attendees will end up staying together for weeks after the event to continue the nightly campfires, weekend potlucks, and group outings.

Considering the fact that it can be difficult to find a good solid community even in a stationary home, finding such a group in the RV world is an incredible thing that nobody should pass up.

2. Learn new skills

Rallies usually include lectures, classes, and workshops. They might bring in speakers on any number of topics, and attendees are welcome to join any event that interests them.

What this means is that everyone leaves the rally with a new skill set that can be applied to their RV lifestyle. From cooking lessons to lectures on capturing and conserving solar power, you never know what kinds of learning opportunities you’ll find at a rally.

On top of those organized opportunities, many rally attendees also find themselves learning new things from fellow RVers. After all, if your new friend is an expert on RV roof repair and you know a lot about finding internet on the road, why wouldn’t you exchange knowledge?

3. Find new travel buddies

As mentioned before, rally attendees often hang around the same place and enjoy the company of one another in the weeks following the event. However, some of the more social RVers out there aren’t content to end the fun after a mere few weeks.

Campground buddies
Image by Wonder Wherever We Wander

These individuals will use rallies to find friends to travel alongside for extended periods of time. Sometimes these travelers even go so far as to build a group of friends who then travel together as a caravan, sharing the benefits of community while still traveling.

4. See different rigs

I don’t know about you, but I’m always interested in seeing how other RVers live. Rallies are the perfect opportunity to do just that. Some rallies include a “parade of homes” in which attendees can show off their respective setups. Others feature a lot of brand-new rigs for rally participants to walk through.

That said, even if a rally has no such event, you can always ask to have a look around the homes of your new friends. Not only is this interesting and fun, but it’s also a good way to get new ideas for how to organize and use your own space.

5. Discover new hobbies

Some rallies are for folks with niche interests. However, not all rallies are so specific, and those that cater to more eclectic mixes of people tend to provide awesome chances to discover new hobbies.

Photo by Entegra Coach Owners Association

Chat with other RVers and find out what they do. Make a point of attending crafting or sporting events put on by the rally. Use the event to venture outside your comfort zone. After all, you probably don’t have much to lose in doing so, and you might just gain a cool new passion you would never have thought to try on your own.

6. Gather new recipes

Many rallies involve one or more potluck meals. I love potlucks because they give me an opportunity to learn new recipes. What’s great about potlucks with other RVers is the fact that I know any food I find and love can be made in a tiny RV kitchen.

I always make a point of asking for recipes when I love a particular dish and have started a nice little recipe collection because of it.

Of course, these are just some of the many, many reasons to attend an RV rally. If you’ve never been to one, seek one out and give it a try. I bet you’ll have a blast!

Not sure where to look for a rally? Try one of the following websites as a starting point:

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