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RV Renovation on a Winnebago Chieftain Interior

If you’re struggling to decide how to renovate your RV, it can help to see before and after pictures of remodeled RV interiors. One of the big considerations when redoing an RV’s interior, is what color to paint the cabinetry.

It seems many folks these days are opting for a more modern look and repainting kitchen and bathroom cabinets in a light, off-white color.

YouTube user NoDestinationVideo re-did their 1988 Winnebago Chieftain, and opted for the all-white look. While the video is a few years old now, you might get more perspective into what white cabinets look like compared to the stock brown color.

This what the stock interior of a Winnebago Chieftain looks like…

RV before remodel

It looks a lot like any 1980s era RV. You’ve got the cream-colored, scalloped wallpaper and the cabinets have a light brown stain.

To make this space stand out, you could replace the wallpaper and repaint the interior paneling in a vibrant accent color.

Sanding down and refinishing the cabinets in an off-white would instantly make this space more inviting.

No one would suspect (at least if they didn’t see the outside first) that this RV dates from the 80s.

This video shows the interior after the remodel…

Original video by NoDestinationVideo

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