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10 Glues, Tapes, And Adhesives You Need For RV Repair Projects

This post was updated on March 27th, 2024

RV Repair
Installing adhesive and aluminum rail to repair broken bench frame

10 Glues, Tapes, And Adhesives You Need For RV Repair Projects

The old saying goes “if you can’t duct it, $^@% it.”  This saying is referring to duct tape and its countless uses, and although we definitely adhere (pun intended) to the belief that duct tape can fix almost anything, we’ve found that having some additional glues, tapes, and adhesives are necessary to truly be prepared for all the RV repair projects that come up.

Below is a list of our top 10 glues, tapes, and adhesives to have on hand for common RV repair projects, RV maintenance projects, and organization.

1. Loctite Power Grab Ultimate Construction Adhesive

Loctite makes quality products and this Power Grab Ultimate construction adhesive is no different. It’s very useful for carpentry repairs and virtually any other RV repair projects that need glue inside and out of your rig.

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Just glue some material together, clamp it (not necessary though) and forget it. Super strong, versatile, and bonds to just about any surface… it’s like Liquid Nail, but better.

2. JB Weld Kwik Weld Epoxy

Just as above with the construction adhesive, JB Weld Kwik Weld epoxy can be a very useful glue to have on hand for all the small day to day RV repairs that come up while living or traveling in a camper.

RV Repair
Preparing a broken refrigerator shelf for epoxy repair

It particularly comes in handy when you need to repair something that requires a faster set time, whether it’s your plastic RV door handle, RV refrigerator shelves, your kid’s toys, or the broken handle on your favorite beer stein or coffee mug.

3. JB weld

I don’t have to say much about the importance of this stuff except that it can fix A LOT. JB Weld can repair anything from a damaged radiator coil, a broken hand tool, or a cracked oil pan from the rock you didn’t see when driving down that back road. Super valuable stuff… you need it.

RV Repair
Applying Blue Loctite to a bolt

4. Loctite Thread Lock (Blue)

If you have ever traveled down a rough road in your rig you know that you can basically shake loose everything inside and outside your RV. So when I can and it’s applicable, as a preventive maintenance step, I will apply Loctite to any nut and bolt that I don’t want to come undone, like on my jack knife couch. The blue strength has a strong hold but then allows you to unscrew it when needed.

5. Super Glue

I think everyone knows about and has used super glue at some point in their life. It’s super handy and small, so do yourself a favor and throw a tube of it into the junk drawer.

6. Duct Tape

Duct tape can be used for virtually any RV repair project from repairing a ripped tarp, to sealing a window leak in a pinch, making a homemade bandage out of a piece of it and a paper towel, and heck, you can even make a jacket out of it… watch the Red Green Show for many other uses.

7. Electrical tapes

Another valuable tape to have on hand of course is 3M electrical tape. Whenever I took motorcycle rides with friends I always carried a rolled-up tool pouch with various hand tools and I always had a roll of electrical tape, and that has carried over to my RV tool bag now.

3M makes an excellent tape that is usable and durable in extreme hot and cold applications so you won’t lose any sleep wondering if it will come undone. We carry an assortment of colors, usually black, red, and white, but I find white to be particularly useful because you can use a sharpie and label it to help with the identification of specific wires.

8. EternaBond Tape

We have been seeing more and more of EternaBond tapes being sold in hardware stores across the country. It could be used for many water sealing/proofing jobs, but I’ve found its most valuable use is for repairing and sealing RV roof seams. One advertisement that we’ve seen has a guy cutting a boat in half and taping it back together, I don’t know if I would try that with my RV anytime soon though.

RV Repair
3M Command Strip broom holder

9. 3M Command Strips

We use 3M Command Strips and hooks in our RV to decorate and hang anything that could need hanging. We use it to hang pictures, kitchen utensils, hooks for clothes and sweatshirts, and also a holder for our broom. When you’re done with it or want to move it just peel it off with no residue or damage to the wall.

10. Velcro

Velcro is not necessary but I like it for various applications. I like it for bundling wires for entertainment equipment, extension cords, and bundling my fishing poles. You can also use it with a sticky back tape for similar applications such as 3M command strips. Again, not truly necessary, but I always have a small roll of it in my toolbox.

We know that everything on this list can be purchased when needed online from Amazon, or at almost any small town hardware store or big city box store, but there is a certain satisfaction to being prepared and that is why we recommend keeping these things on hand.

Whether you’re able to do a major repair like stop a leak on your roof in a rainstorm, or simply fix your kid’s favorite toy, being resourceful and prepared will make you the MacGyver of your family (which is still cool even if your kids don’t know who he is).

Besides no one wants to leave a beautiful wild camping spot to head to a store for a simple repair that could have been fixed with a roll of duct tape or some super glue.

Track your RV maintenance

Be sure to keep track of all your RV maintenance with an online tool such as RV LIFE Maintenance. Not only can you keep all your maintenance records and documents in one place, you’ll receive timely reminders via email when maintenance is due and potentially avoid a costly repair or serious accident.

2 thoughts on “10 Glues, Tapes, And Adhesives You Need For RV Repair Projects”

  1. I would add one additional item to the list, Teflon tape! On more than one occasion I have hooked up to a faucet at a camp ground and had it leak no matter how much I tightened it. Wrapping a little Teflon tape on the threads of the faucet has solved the problem.

  2. You might want to consider Gaffers tape also. Used in the movie/TV industry. Very similar to duct tape in terms of holding strength. It leaves no residue behind when it’s removed and provides an excellent seal from dust and dirt, making it an ideal product for cable splicing, connecting, and sealing. It will take more heat with out releasing but when required to come off it leaves no residue.

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