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RV Reviews: The Best Resources for Finding The Right RV

This post was updated on April 20th, 2024

rv-reviews-featuredIf you are reading this then you are probably considering the purchase of a RV. If this will be your first RV purchase or even if it has been a while you may want to look over our guide for buying a RV.  But, since you are here that most likely means you will be parting ways with a considerable amount of your hard earned money for a new RV. To the tune of $100,000 or more depending on what you decide to purchase. We think doing your research and due dillgence before signing on the dotted line is the most effective way to ensure you end up owning the right RV. The below guide is intended to reveal the resources available to RV buyers in the form of RV reviews. There is no perfect resource and not all of them are free in this guide. Our hope is that you use as many of these as possible to educate yourself about what suits you and your situation best. Tony Robbins said it best, “The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck.” Our sincere hope is that you can be prepared for your RV purchase when the opportunity comes. Then you just may be that lucky guy or girl cruising around with that perfect RV.

List of RV Reviews and Resources



If you are looking for in depth reviews that offer more than just specifications and pictures then you may want to consider JR Consumer Resources. They offer the raw information you need to make a better RV purchase decision. Their guides offer more than you might imagine from a list of companies that are in bankruptcy or those who have emerged from troubles in the past. The RV Reviews from JR consumer include construction, dependability, satisfaction, payload, design, and style ratings. They also offer wholesaler value and list out any recalls that may be outstanding.  JR consumer resources offers opinions on quality and other subjective factors beyond what most other for pay (yes their stuff costs money) resources offer.  They also offer the specification information that you could find in a dealer brochure. It makes it quite a simple way to compare and contrast different models. Many find it to be a very helpful tool. Though many of their customers find this information useful it may not satisfy all your cravings for RV information. We encourage you use as many resources as possible for your research, including this one.

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Varies. Single RV Report – $25. Full Guides Start at $60. No Free Options.

Type of RV Reviews Available

Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels





The resources available from RV Guide are great for general information such as features, floor plans, specifications, videos and photos. Past that there isn’t much comparison or testing that takes place. Perhaps a great place to start a search. It is clear the primary goal is to provide general information and facilitate a sale rather than really critique the quality and functionality. Their reviews go back to models from 2008 mostly with a few reviews of models back to 2004. They don’t have all models reviewed but they do have many of the better selling brands and models reviewed.



Type of RV Reviews Available

Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, and Pop-Up Campers

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RV Consumer Group is a non-profit RV reviews and rating agency with a focus on safety. Many have found their materials useful and informative. They have reviews for most of the major models and their website is handy to use (see a sample report). They look at RV’s in a slightly different light than others on this list. They make assessments of quality but also highway control, reliability, occupant safety and overall value. Keep in mind that RV Consumer Group doesn’t actually street test RV’s, they actually are subjectively making assumptions based on their own criteria. The materials from RV consumer group are not free but are available for one time purchase or through a membership. Most folks who have purchased the information from (RV Consumer Group) find it worthwhile. In our opinion it plays a role in a overall purchase decision but isnt a one stop shop.


Varies. Membership for $139 (includes guide and 3 additional RV help guides)  or individual guides are available from $28-78.

Type of RV Reviews Available

Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, and Truck Campers

4 thoughts on “RV Reviews: The Best Resources for Finding The Right RV”

  1. We had NO problem with RV Consumer Group. Downloading the guide was tricky, but we figured it out. It has been very helpful to us.

  2. I used them (before I read your quote) in 2012 and got what I needed. When I switched computers recently and lost the reviews database, I sent them an email and they responded on a Sunday with the 2014 version of what I had bought.
    I guess we had completely opposite experiences. huh

  3. Stay away from RV Consumer Group ( Despite having 501 C (3) status as a non-profit, here’s how they “make money”. You order a product from them, then they fail to deliver the downloadable product. They have no contact phone number, only email they don’t reply to. Total ripoff artists, preying on those who seek their wisdom and advice. I am disputing the charge on my CC stating RV Consumer Group as a fraudulent organization. They stole my $78

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